Recently, the Harvard Business Review studied 46,000 shoppers to gauge the impact (if any) omnichannel retailing had on their experience. Developing an omnichannel strategy is quite important.

Omni Channel Retailing Harvard Business Review


7% shopped online exclusively

20% were store-only shoppers

73% used multiple channels

Another study by Business Insider found that shoppers who engaged on multiple channels made purchases more often.

Developing an Omni Channel Strategy

The power of omnichannel experiences can lift sales dramatically. Customers interacting with an omnichannel experience 4% more spent in-store and 10% more online. Companies with omnichannel retail strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers from channel to channel.

Omni-channel retail revolves around your customer and creates a single customer experience across your brand by unifying sales and marketing, which accounts for the spillover between channels. It removes the boundaries between different sales and marketing channels to create a unified, integrated whole. The distinctions between channels are onsite, social, mobile, email, physical, and instant messaging. It disappears as a single view of the customer, and an experience of commerce emerges.

Omni-channel merges the worlds of websites, emails, re-targeted ads, social media & digital marketing services, and physical locations to show personalized offers, products, and messages.

The Store and the Online World are connected. Concators have the prowess for the right infrastructure, tech stack, and the necessary vision to integrate and execute. Critical factors that Concators has to offer are Consistency and Seamless Integration.

We help you in creating omnichannel marketing to:

Deliver more seamless experiences for customers from on-ground to online levels

Build more brand awareness and personalized experiences

Increase customer loyalty over time

Meet customers at their convenience

You can also read the above article for Omni Channel retailing Harvard business review. 

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