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CONC@T is a leading IT consulting group with state-of-art automation, analytics tools and experienced Tech mentors, We enable and curate a customized roadmap including define, design, & execution of tech strategies for superior business outcomes

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Virtual CIO


▪ Technology Strategy – Vision, infra and tech stack planning
▪ Business Alignment covering internal and external platforms
▪ Supply Chain – Optimal pricing and vendor selection
▪ Projects/ program management and governance
▪ Automation, digitization and data analytics
▪ Cyber security & audits
▪ Quality – Prevent & predict
▪ C-level reporting


Industry leader and domain expert with over 25 years+ experience + Need based SME consultants


Business Up time

cyber security training

Team has vast experience in conducting OWASP* training for developers and technologists and cyber-security training for security agencies, government departments, educational institutions, and business organizations. Though all the organizations which store customer data and other important information require this training, it has a critical role in the following category of organizations.

Government Departments/ Agencies

Law Enforcement, Investigative Agencies, and agencies managing public utilities, urban planning, finance, transportation, healthcare at the national, regional, or local government level.

Critical Industries/ Businesses

Oil & Gas, Petroleum & Petrochem, Power, Automobiles, BFSI, E-Commerce, Utilities, Supermarkets, IT & ITES Companies, and Medium to Large Corporates in other sectors.

Education & Research Institutions

Universities, Medical Colleges, Technical Training Institutes, Research centers, Schools with large student bases.

ERP | coverage and modules | desktop & mobile app

Production & Operations

Raw Material Analysis & Plannnig
Production Planning & Control
Quality & Assurance Management

Procurement & Finance

Supply Chain Management

Sales Force & CRM

Sales Force Automation
Customer Relationship Management
After Sales Service & Support


Human Relationship Management

cyber security audit

A Cyber Security audit of an organization’s digital infrastructure is essential for finding out the vulnerabilities in the system and suggesting corrective actions to minimize the threat level to a manageable level. The team has required capabilities and experience of undertaking a wide range of cybersecurity audits.

General Controls Audit

Review of information systems
implementation to analyze
general control mechanisms

Application Controls Audit

This involves a security audit of
Web, Android, or iOS applications
used by the organization.

Systems Development Audit

Special emphasis is given to the
change management and super
users’ review.

Cyber-Forensic Audit

It is used to investigate and
determine the cause, extent, and
actors responsible for the data

cyber forensics

Cyber forensics is used for investigating any breach in digital infrastructure either due to the lack of oversight by the users or deliberate intrusion by cyber-criminals. It helps to extract vital evidence, including user information, call logs, location information, text messages, emails, images, and audio and video recordings from computers, cell phones, and other devices. The team has helped some of the top security agencies, government bodies, and private entities investigate cyber security & data breach-related cases. We havethe capabilities and  experience of undertaking a wide range of cybersecurity audits.

Operating System Forensic

Operating System Forensics is used to retrieve information from the operating system of the computer or cell phone which are compromised during a data breach.

Network Forensic

In case of data breaches, Network forensics is done to collect and analyze network traffic data, capture IP addresses, incoming and outgoing traffic, and identify the source of the attack.

Cloud Forensic

Cloud Forensics is used to investigate the data breaches that happened in the cloud network used by organizations. It is therefore considered as a subset of Network Forensics as well.
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We partner with our clients to take care their traditional IT requirement as well by providing them project implementation and support as per their business need. We provide implementation support in ERP, Sales Force, Building Custom Mobile and Web App using various licensed, and Open-source technology (PHP, Java, Python, Angular, etc.)