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    Call centre services


    CONCAT is a leading customer services marketplace for Outsourcing, Consulting, and Execution needs through the platform

    We understand business & curate tailor-made solutions by weaving together the right strategy, right execution, and right technology within a budget and timelines. We own end-to-end delivery thereby reducing the risk and liability, promising efficient and on-time delivery. The CONCAT stamp ensures transparency, trust & commitment.

    Our Practice Leaders are Industry stalwarts in their domains and bring rich experience of 25+ years each. Backed by a robust platform with 100+ subject-matter expert consultants we own the strategy, delivery & governance.

    Connect | Consult | Collaborate

    1. Virtual Chief Customer Officer

    vCCO - Management of Customer Touch-points

    2. Customer & Market Research

    Research & Benchmarking

    3. Customer Life Cycle Management (B2B, B2C)

    Customer lifecycle value

    4. Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Establish customer identity

    5. Call Centre Setup & Operations

    Customer helpdesk

    6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

    Automation enablement

    7. Customer Loyalty, Engagement & Win-back

    Customer Segmentation

    8. Retail Operations and Customer Experience

    Store experience

    9. Collection, Credit and Risk Analysis

    Credit & Recovery

    modes of customer experience

    cyber security training

    Team has vast experience in conducting OWASP* training for developers and technologists and cyber-security training for security agencies, government departments, educational institutions, and business organizations. Though all the organizations which store customer data and other important information require this training, it has a critical role in the following category of organizations.

    Government Departments/ Agencies

    Law Enforcement, Investigative Agencies, and agencies managing public utilities, urban planning, finance, transportation, healthcare at the national, regional, or local government level.

    Critical Industries/ Businesses

    Oil & Gas, Petroleum & Petrochem, Power, Automobiles, BFSI, E-Commerce, Utilities, Supermarkets, IT & ITES Companies, and Medium to Large Corporates in other sectors.

    Education & Research Institutions

    Universities, Medical Colleges, Technical Training Institutes, Research centers, Schools with large student bases.

    ERP | coverage and modules | desktop & mobile app

    virtual cio services

    Production & Operations

    Raw Material Analysis & Plannnig
    Production Planning & Control
    Quality & Assurance Management

    virtual cio services

    Procurement & Finance

    Supply Chain Management

    virtual cio services

    Sales Force & CRM

    Sales Force Automation
    Customer Relationship Management
    After Sales Service & Support

    virtual cio services


    Human Relationship Management



    ▪ Start up owners
    ▪ Friends and family



    ▪ Personal Savings
    ▪ Crowdfunding
    ▪ Grants
    ▪ Angel investors
    ▪ Bridge loans
    ▪ Incubators


    CRM - summarized

    ▪ Angel investors
    ▪ Venture capital
    ▪ Bank loans
    ▪ Crowdfunding
    ▪ Accelerators



    ▪ Private Equity firms
    ▪ Hedge funds
    ▪ Last stage VC’s
    ▪ Management buy back
    ▪ IPO
    ▪ Merger & Acquisition



    ▪ Venture Capital
    ▪ Corporate Venture loans
    ▪ Bank loans
    ▪ Government loans

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