Sales and Distribution Setup is one of the most important of any business.

“Nothing happens until someone sells something” (Henry Ford).

Acquiring a customer is a process of predicting the customer queries and proactively solutioning them. The company increases customer satisfaction and retention by way of customer experience. It increases the returns by way of revenue and margins. The sale is a powerful function for sure and vital to the profitability, growth, and sustainability of any business. However, we cannot have a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It would change phenomenally depending on the nature of the business we are talking about. Many start-ups fail, for example, because they do not budget nearly enough for sales. sales consulting services and Sales and Distribution Setup is an essential part of any business.

We firmly believe that good distribution for a product may always win over poor distribution for a better product. The reality is that sales are the lifeblood of any organization, and they cannot fail. Sales is no longer only art and in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace ignoring science and technology is no longer an option.

Distribution Setup

In the past few decades, there have been several scientific studies focused on gaining an exact understanding of what qualifies and generates influence. Advanced technologies have identified the principles to generate influence. These principles are quantifiable and if leveraged, can have influential authority to increase one’s capacity to influence another. In fact, psychologists specify that humans’ ability to influence each other can progress by learning scientifically proven persuasion strategies. The sales and distribution setup is an amazing part of it.

We specialize in partnering companies in integrating science with their sales efforts, and, the results are surprising, with increased sales & market shares and improved efficiencies. Be it sales consulting, automation & data analytics-driven Go To Market (GTM) planning, setting up the distribution network, or a complete sales process outsourcing, CONC@T brings you the best business and subject matter experts to align your sales strategy with your organizational objectives.

The Sales and Distribution covers a wide range of activities including direct and indirect sales, marketing support, inquiry and quotation generation, media management, trade management, logistics, inventory management, etc. finally pushing it to account and finance. The services offered under the S&D process are as follows.

  • 1. Virtual Chief Sales Officer (VCSO)

    VCSO Service is conceptualized to design, create, and execute your business objectives and revenue engine. For a start-up, this is a journey from your vision to quantifiable results at a fraction of the envisaged cost. For a large company, this is equipping your team with the training, apparatuses, and procedures to deliver consistent, foreseeable growth in a more accountable method. We travel the journey with you to ensure our success as a team.

Virtual Sales Office(VSO) has become the new choice for an organization looking to expand its sales into new territories and product categories. This helps in minimizing the cost of manpower recruitment, salary & compliances, and training substantially. Virtual sales officers are less likely to quit and are more productive. Hiring VSO also helps an organization to be flexible in the season and offseason as they can hire virtual CFO services and VSOs on seasonal-based work.

Field Force Outsourcing & Management by way of workforce management dynamically cluster your field force and locations to drive efficient execution to maximize sales in-store. When combined with the activities management offering, we have the expertise to define, plan, action, and review sales and brand spend, directing field force teams to drive strategy to the shelf across retail environments.

  • 2. Sales Consulting and advisory services

    As our client, you’ll have a motivated, experienced, and forward-thinking team to champion your brand. Our methodology combines decades of operational execution, commercial insight, and proven best practices.

    Our advisory framework provides tailored sales & marketing solutions framed by an extensive network of subject matter experts, that can be fully integrated into in-store execution excellence and impact.

  • 3. Product Launch, Market Research and Go To Market Strategy

    Our team analyzes and synthesizes data into a customized marketing strategy that gives you a clear path to success. As Market research services, we carry out in-depth research and various reporting/ dashboarding across a variety of markets. Customers can utilize our expertise and gain competitive knowledge, obtain relevant market research findings, and obtain a granular understanding of their market.

    We help in understanding your target audience, geography, and approach strategy. Our team would also drive the product differentiators through detailed competition benchmarking and extensive market research around the product & services specifications, prices, customer acceptance & needs, trade margins, and priorities.

    We also generate buzz for your latest and greatest products online and in-store and thereby increasing awareness, trial, and sales.

    Our team assess and provide recommendations on the set of activities required to take brand strategy to shelf through the levers of availability, visibility, and promotion.

  • 4. Distribution Set-up & Creation across Omnichannel, Management & Training

    Our years of an excellent relationship with the trading community help select the right partner for you and infuse focus onto the brand. We further help handhold the trade set-up and provide in-depth training for better sales and channel management.

    We generate buzz for your latest and greatest products, not just in-store but also through numerous online channels, to increase awareness, trial, and sales.

    Whether on your own website or focused online key account listing & management, ensuring that your products are widely listed and available at relevant online retailers. Through a syndicated offering we can reduce the cost to serve and increase your e-commerce ROI.

  • 5. Visual Merchandising And Point Of Sale Execution

    Our visual merchandising teams are skilled at installing displays that attract, engage, and influence purchases in-store. With a national footprint and established relationships with retailers, we deliver exceptional speed-to-market and promotional compliance.

    Kitting, Gifting, and Branding form part of the promotional solutions we offer. We can kit point-of-sale to be distributed and installed across any retail environment, as well as band and assemble promotional gift packs for key seasonal events or promotional campaigns that drive brand choice and reward shoppers.

  • 6. Best Salesforce tools implementation

    Top Salesforce is a software (SaaS) built on cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) which helps businesses connect with the customer, create and manage leads and funnels, and helps decision-making ability through data analytics.

    Salesforce enables businesses to track & act on real-time analytics, customer excellence and support, customer complaints, and a host of other CRM functions with the ease of management.

    We partner with businesses and implement SalesForce and CRM applications best suited for them.  It helps them to leverage the Salesforce platform and inventively engage with their customers. It can improve sales, customer success efficiency, and better marketing ROI.

  • 7. India Market Entry

    Market Overview | Challenges | Entry Strategy | Compliances| Infra Setup | HR Management | Business Development

    India is a diverse market lacking credible market data. India is diverse and should not be approached as a single country. Millions of small family-run businesses dominate the economy, making it a highly non-transparent market.
    Read about India’s market entry. We are closely connected with our regional markets. Local experience and connections, acceptances, and preferences are shared. Along with sector insight, and experience is shared to give a comprehensive perspective. We work as company representatives in the chosen markets and set up an exclusive team to work with.  On behalf of our Overseas Clients.

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