A concierge is a person OR company that manages the client’s requirements and charges for it at monthly, hourly, OR fixed cost. The concierge services are mostly services that are taken by the corporate who do not wish to waste their time on daily transactional issues like booking a ticket, traveling Itinerary, etc. To run these kinds of errands organization, hire Concierge agencies and company secretary services which help companies in day-to-day tasks.

We have partners which are big and of repute to provide concierge services to both business clients and for leisure in Indian and International markets, handling concierge services and requests in India, SE Asia, and across the globe. From business meetings to tours, private jets, and luxury hotels, CONC@T provides an extensive assortment of corporate and personal concierge services. With a constantly expanding channel network of approved partners and service providers, we are able to cater to the best concierge service request across India and Globe at the most viable prices.

Some of the concierge services are-

  1. Travel Booking or Travel Desk

    This is the most common type of concierge service that all organizations take. This service contains the complete travel support of an organization, from booking tickets of an employee to his trip itinerary and other things as well. At CONC@T, we help you in getting in touch with the best travel agencies which will support you in the end-to-end travel help for your organization.

  2. Lifestyle Concierge

    Every organization tries to engage its employees in different types of activities to improve employee satisfaction, to satisfy the employee organization, organize events, festivals, or provide employee vacations. Lifestyle concierge services are all about employee engagement- it covers organizing events, personalizes assistance, festivals, transport services, etc.

  3.  Medical Concierge

    Every organization wants their employee to be healthy and fit. Medical concierge services help you achieve just that. Conc@t connects you to the best medical concierge service provider so that you can help your employee to be fit. The medical concierge consists of:

    • a. Employee wellness programs like- gym membership, yoga, spa, massage, mental therapy.
    • b. Medical Assistance- First aid, infirmary, doctor on call, ambulance services, etc.