Legal & Secretarial services have been gaining respect from the corporate world and comprise compliances on statutory and legal issues. Corporate secretarial services are the supporting structure to the company regardless of the nature of the company; and determine the company ownership, company law adherence, corporate governance, company records, holding of Annual General Meetings (AGMs), virtual legal services through a virtual legal officer, etc.

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We partner with an enthusiastic team of Company Secretaries (CS), chartered accountant services, and Law professionals and advise clients across corporate, Call Center Setuplegal & secretarial advisory services in India. With the business-oriented approach and rich experience across different sectors, our team is well equipped to provide seamless advisory, and compliance solutions for all your HR shared services and corporate secretarial matters.

  • Virtual Legal Officer (VLO)

    With the changing times and the new social distancing norms, many companies are looking forward to hiring people who can work on a contract. Here chief legal officers come in handy. They are veterans handling multiple clients, handling your legal affairs, and providing sound advice based on their past experiences.

  • Virtual Secretarial Officer (VSO)

    A Virtual secretarial officer has the same responsibilities as the company secretary, like shareholders’ administration and communication, corporate governance, and statutory compliance. The differential part is that the CSO will be handling it virtually rather than being there on the site, which helps the company save costs and reduces the chances of errors.

  • Business Setup and Registrations

    Setting up and registering the company or business has always been tiresome. CONC@T helps you connect with the best business consulting firms in India who will set up and register your business as per the government rules and regulations.

  • Management of Contracts

    Contract Management is managing the execution, performance, modification, negotiation, and termination of the contracts with the parties. Conc@t connects you to the best legal consultancies to handle; these contracts so that you can focus on what matters to you the most.

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence means a proper investigation of a business; or verification or research on the accuracy of a statement required in a corporate transaction with a certain standard of care. It includes investigating an investment audit, a review of all financial records, verification of legal matters, etc.

  • Winding Up of Companies

    Our assured CS consultancies can help wind up your businesses by providing the correct procedures and ensuring that everything is in the process, like – notices in the local newspaper, the appointment of the official liquidator, hearing of courts, and approval from ROCs.

  • India Entry Strategy & Foreign Entity Management

    India is a premium and most sought-after destination for international investors looking to set up their businesses in India. We offer a favorable atmosphere for business while offering incredible opportunities for investors. As a result, India has witnessed a consistent surge in foreign direct investment. However, for a foreign investor, there still are several risks associated with Indian entry advisory companies having complicated accounting, taxation, statutory, and regulatory environment.
    At CONC@T, our specialized partners help comprehend the country’s process and governing laws. They make getting approvals for commencement of operations smooth in line with the nature of business.


Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Legal Officer

How Do You Create a Virtual Law Practice?

To practice virtual law, one should have adequate legal knowledge. It would help if you learned about transiting from customary to virtual law. You should be well versed with the latest technology tools. The environment should be conducive to hosting a virtual proceeding. In the traditional system, clients come to your office and bring case documents. You can ask your clients to send documents in advance to avoid wasting time during virtual consultation in online practice. Make sure that your internet connection is flawless. Have a Plan B in case there is a software or hardware issue. Online legal consultations happen the same way as video calls. You will be able to use features like screen share or integrated chat.

What are Online Legal Services?

Online legal services are the procedure of providing legal services through the internet. It is growing day by day, becoming more relevant during the covid 19 pandemic. Lawyers are deploying automation and artificial intelligence to deliver efficient legal services virtually—the traditional legal system requires sending emails to the lawyer and waiting for his reply. But the virtual legal assistants are available around the call. Hence, you can get consultation through video call. It saves time and money. Online legal services break the geographical limitations as well. For example, in the traditional law system, a delay in accessing your legal could be a costly affair. Online legal systems eliminate this risk by connecting you with legal attorneys and experts. The automation guides you through every step to make your task easy.

How Do I Succeed in the Law Firm?

To become a successful lawyer, you should be hard-working, studious, and have the know-how to organize your time. Remember that a legal career is all about keeping yourself updated with the changes happening in law. Therefore, you will have to develop deep expertise in your specialization area. In addition, you should manage your time and make use of every moment. A lawyer has to hit project deadlines and regular reading and managing clients. Hence, discipline is a vital requirement of this field. Another crucial aspect of being a lawyer is building networks. Staying connected to a robust network of peers will give you an edge over your competitors.

What are the Benefits of Legal Secretarial?

There are numerous benefits of legal secretarial. The legal secretarial’s profession involves analysis, assignments, and research. They are tasked with preparing legal documents for hearing creating contracts and deeds. In addition to that, they prepare case studies index entries and describe headnotes. They provide tremendous support to the lawyer and the legal firms.

What Do Virtual Lawyers Do?

Virtual lawyers provide legal consultation through online and digital platforms. Virtual lawyers can assist anywhere using cloud computing, storage, and software. As a result, it reduces costs, removes geographical limitations, and increases flexibility. Virtual lawyers help through a client portal. The use of the portal guarantees confidentiality between the lawyers and the client. The client uploads documents for attorneys’ review. Hence, it is beneficial for the clients, as many legal obstacles are surpassed.

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