A Robust IT Ecosystem – Key to Success

In the last couple of decades, ways of doing business have changed significantly. Most of the manual processes have been moved to automated processes. Also, some of the tasks are either being wholly automated or being eliminated from standard processes across various IT consulting and virtual customer services.

This has helped many organizations to remain ahead of the curve of their competitors. Unfortunately, few organizations had great visionary leaders who could understand the value of the technology and automation, so they reaped the maximum benefit of the technology for their organization. 

But it often became an overburden for the leaders as they could not balance out their time between core and technology advancement activities. The overdependence on leaders for every decision has slowed down the entire decision. The implementation processor impacted the other critical dependencies or core business. Since these organizations could not bear the cost of the expensive in-house IT resources and IT recruitment. Many of the organizations continued to suffer or grow only to a certain extent. 

IT Consulting Services

The cost of IT resources remained higher in the industry, so keeping an experienced IT internal team and the rest of the core demand became next to impossible for many small enterprises, resulting in Technology advancement left far behind. 

In the last few years, the focus has changed to redefine the success by using the digital transformation in Industry 4.0 or Service 4.0 Era. Though the resource cost remains, higher costs like CRM software, hardware, internet, and high-end devices have drastically decreased. So it provides an excellent opportunity for any Small Enterprises to reassess its vision and redraw its IT roadmap and achieve the business goal by utilizing the technology most whole. 

Small Enterprises can now take a Virtual CIO 

service and HR shared services to beat the costly IT consulting effort. This service helps them draw the IT roadmap keeping the organization’s vision in mind. It also helps in shortlisting the right product for the organization. 

Most of the time, any new technology implementation becomes challenging or takes more time from the key stakeholders resulting in a tricky balancing act by the founders or decision-makers. However, it helps them offload some technical decision-making, selecting the right product, implementing the applications within time, budget, reaping the benefit in a time-bound manner, and getting an early return on the investment. 

How Can We Help?

Concat Team has identified this as one of the services and believes that this is one of the must-have services for small businesses and startup advisory. However, it seems to be an additional burden to the organizations, timely implementation, and reducing project failure probability. And early return makes it worthwhile, apart from Virtual CIO services and IT consulting services. We also have capable and reliable partners to help our customers get early implementation, adoption, and return on technology investments.

We help understand the identified need to bring the best product to the enterprises. Our team helps the Enterprises draw a short-term, mid-term, and long-term map to focus on technology needs and avoidance of upfront investment. Our focus is on basic needs like ERP and functional applications and helping achieve the long-term vision by using data analytics, AI/ ML, etc., to achieve the benefits of cutting-edge technologies. So let’s connect and discuss what to achieve—your vision by bringing the right technology intervention in a cost-optimized way. 

It Consulting Services For Small Business

Concators is one of the best and leading IT consulting services for small businesses because we offer IT services up to the mark. You can contact us for business consultancy services in Delhi and Call Center Setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Small and Medium Business Consultants do?

The consultant needs to focus on the vision and various challenges the business faces. For example, They need to be vocal on right-sizing, selecting the right product, building vs. buy decision, guiding the repercussion of data privacy, etc., and how the same can be addressed in a cost-optimized way time-bound manner. 

Is Small Business IT Consulting Services Beneficial? 

Definitely, yes, one can’t be an expert on everything. So often, we have seen that you search for any health problem on google; it will give you varied results from a minor problem to a life-threatening one. However, the consultant can help you understand your problem. Define the roadmap, select the right solution, and bring the best IT automation to highlight various risks/ issues in advance. 

How do Small Businesses Charge for Consulting? 

It can vary from the monthly retainer ship to project-based costing. It makes more sense to have an IT person on board, similar to a CA or legal advisory, as it always helps in the longer run. 

Do You Need a License to be a Business Consultant? 

Not really, but one should have some prior experience. Small businesses should not become their playground resulting in significant expenses to them. 

How do I Set Myself up as a Consultant? 

You can join us as a freelance consultant. Seasoned IT leaders would mentor you while delivering the consultancy to the respective clients. 

How do I Start a Small Consulting Business? 

You can register yourself with credible forums like us and start working professionally to succeed. 

What is the Cost of Getting IT Consulting Services for Small Businesses? 

It may vary based on the time commitment needed for the same.