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A businessperson knows that keeping customers is very crucial for marketing. Without customers, none of the business startup consultants in India will run for a long time. So, how can a business possibly keep more customers? The answer to this is by keeping customers happy all the time with new products and services. 

With virtual customer service changing the scenario of online sales, a business needs to function in a way that can satisfy customers digitally as well. Having said that, here are some ways how a business can provide efficient customer service online.

Over Communication

If a client has ordered your product, let them know once you have accepted it. While sending customized messages to each client can be a tedious task, you can send in an automated confirmation message such as “Thank you for your order” that they will immediately receive after they place their order successfully and the payment is received by the collection & recovery agencies. 

Timely Response

Responding immediately creates a good impression on the client. So, in addition to sending confirmation messages, ask them if you have any queries regarding a project. This will develop an impression that you are excited and are actively working on the project. Now, suppose, you ask the question 3 hours prior to the deadline, chances are the client will assume you are working on their project at the last moment. So, to refrain from such impressions, a timely response is crucial. 

Make a Personal Connection

What can be a better way to make personal connections virtually than through a social media platform? You can send in connection requests to your client and get better access to all their likes and dislikes, hobbies, and passion. Although executing this can be a bit time taking, it can create a positive impact on the client. You can take the help of India entry consulting firms to make your business grow with such strategies. 

Establish Boundaries

When it comes to working online, you can work according to your own convenience. However, after your client has sent a mail, they might expect a quick response. Chances are you might be out of the office for some days or working at different hours. Whatever be the reason, it is always advisable that you inform your client and show them that you respect their time. 

Broadcast Effectively

If you have an online business, you have various venues for promotion. You can promote it on social media feeds, blogs or emails. However, if there is company news that needs to be promoted, post it in your email newsletter and circulate it among your clients. Do not wait for them to stay active on social media handles for such important news. 

Ask for Feedback

Whenever a client receives your product or service, ask for feedback. This works in two ways. First, you will get to know what improvements you need to make in your product or service, and second, your client will feel that their opinions are valued. This way you can also establish a better connection with your client. 


Sending occasional referral discounts, coupons, and festive offers can work as a powerful tool to keep your clients coming back. Since all the communications are being held online, these ideas can work perfectly for virtual interactions.

So, this is how you can provide virtual customer services in an efficient manner. However, if you want to learn more strategic ideas, you can contact Concators at 91.9555626260 and get effective solutions for your business.