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Everything You Need to Know About HR Shared Services

A shared services approach can help HR departments deliver employees more quickly and effectively. It decouples operational and strategic duties, following each department to provide the best employee experience possible. 

What do HR shared services entail, and how do they work?

HR Shared Services is a centralized hub for HR administrative and operational duties, including features such as employee self-service and technology-assisted automation, as well as multi-tiered service levels and response times. As a result, firms may deliver essential HR services at the lowest reasonable cost.

HR shared services offer several benefits to your firm, including:

HR now has a more strategic role to play

The division of responsibilities allows HR experts with more experience to concentrate on strategy. Human capital indicators that link the department’s success to the company’s strategic goals expand the number of ways to assess HR’s effectiveness. As a real business partner, HR must participate in formulating the business plan. It ensures that people management and a positive employee experience are prioritized in its business plan.

Maintains a high level of consistency and adherence

Every time you have an HR complaint, it is handled in the same, consistent manner, ensuring that you follow all applicable rules and regulations. This results in a better employee experience and a decrease in internal risk.

Excellence in operations

To achieve operational excellence, administrative duties might be assigned to defined tasks. In addition to offering improved virtual HR services, operational excellence increases employee experience and efficiency.

Improves Employee happiness

Employees can deal with their problems and locate critical information quickly and conveniently. This improves their digital experience as well as their employees’ overall experience. Employees have come to expect all systems to be interesting, simple to use, and suit their needs. This includes the systems with which they engage at work. Employees become frustrated when there is a disconnect between what they expect and what they receive.


HR shared cost-effective services can help firms save money in various ways. For example, transactional HR services require fewer highly skilled HR specialists, resulting in cheaper personnel expenses. Additionally, cost savings are facilitated by the efficiency gained through service streamlining and simplification.

Over to you

According to organizations and HR departments, employee services should always be efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, HR transformation into HR shared services can be a fantastic approach to improving employee experience. While also freeing up-time for you to focus on developing an HR strategy that aligns with your company’s objectives and goals.

Leaders must consider the challenges and take proactive efforts to address them before investing in HR shared services. Long-term investments in pooled HR services are made. As a result, to continue to benefit from an effective HR shared services model, firms must have visionary leadership, be willing to continue investing in utilizing technology, and develop the competencies of HR shared services staff.

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