12 Must-Follow Blogs On Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation is the new trend in the market lately. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes creating, management consulting firms, and managing software robots smooth and easy; these processes imitate humans’ actions interacting with digital systems and software. Since technology is an ever-changing element, one should keep track of the […]

How To Provide Top-Notch Virtual Customer Service?

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A business does not make sense if its customers are not satisfied. Keeping customers happy is the only way of growing a business. Although it is the responsibility of every worker to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, having an automated virtual assistance system makes things more efficient. With all businesses going online and taking help from […]

Everything You Need to Know About HR Shared Services

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A shared services approach can help HR departments deliver employees more quickly and effectively. It decouples operational and strategic duties, following each department to provide the best employee experience possible.  What do HR shared services entail, and how do they work? HR Shared Services is a centralized hub for HR administrative and operational duties, including […]

Is a Startup Consultancy Required in 2022?

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A startup is typically a small business founded recently, is still looking for its product-market fit, operates in a state of perpetual uncertainty, and has a limited number of resources. Given these difficult circumstances and the startup’s need for expansion, obtaining unbiased comments or guidance is essential. And that is why there is a startup […]

How do You Provide Customer Service Virtually?

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A businessperson knows that keeping customers is very crucial for marketing. Without customers, none of the business startup consultants in India will run for a long time. So, how can a business possibly keep more customers? The answer to this is by keeping customers happy all the time with new products and services.  With virtual customer service […]

How to Hire a Business Expansion Consultant?

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Expansion is an essential phase in the growth of any company. Planning to take your corporation to the next level necessitates forethought and a thorough examination of your targeted audience. A weak plan or execution might stifle your global dominance and limit your development. A business expansion consultant will help you expand your business effectively […]

What Is HR Outsourcing Services?

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HR Outsourcing Services HR outsourcing refers to an agreement between an employer and an external party provider. In such a relationship, the employer transfers the management and responsibility for certain HR functions to the external provider. HR outsourcing companies/firms like Conc@t are offering comprehensive services of HR. There are various types of secretarial services available to […]

Knowledge Series – Code Of Wages – Part 1

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The government of India and various State Governments have been taking various measures to promote ease of doing business in India.  Proposed Labour Law Codes by Central Government, or labour reforms in India, if implemented in an appropriate manner can have a far-reaching impact towards reducing the compliance burden on corporates without comprising the welfare […]

Labour Reforms in India – Much Awaited Reforms

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Economists have long argued that India’s outdated and old-fashioned labour laws need change.  It’s a known fact that the developed economies of the world have been flexible in labor laws and provide equanimity-based platforms to employers and employees to help sustain the business. There are some amendments in labour reforms in India. As per the world […]

2021 is the Year to Recover, Rebuild and Renew

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At Some Point in the Next Year, the Focus Will Turn to the Rebuild. How Can Marketers Help Their Businesses, and Society, Come Back Stronger? As We Approach 2021, it’s More Profound Than Any Previous Year … From navigating the rest of the pandemic to plotting the rebuild; from planning across a tech oligopoly to […]