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What Are Secretarial Services?

What are Company Secretarial Services?

Company secretarial services, as the name might suggest doses not involve the traditional secretary roles and responsibilities but instead includes the administrative functions performed within the business, which consequently ensures effective corporate governance, efficient administration, and compliance with the rules and regulations as well as laws that generally govern business working and the whole industry.

Managing corporate governance is imperative and necessary for a successful business run. 

Your company must ensure proper adherence to the Companies Act 2006, compliance with the law and legislation that regulates and governs their business ventures, and stringently maintain records, for example, conducting meetings within businesses, the conduct of board members, any interactivity and or ongoing conversations/dealings with shareholders and stakeholders and whatsoever arrangement and interaction with government authorities.

In this blog, you will have an in-depth glance at why company secretarial services are essential for businesses and why outsourcing this service is the bold and savvy move for your business in these tumultuous times in the corporate world.

Importance of Company Secretary

Essentially, the theory states that a company secretary’s roles and responsibilities generally involve every essential administrative chore of the business venture; however, the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary can be broadly classified into three areas: the board, the shareholders, and the private company.

It is the responsibility of the company secretary and fundraising consultants for startups to ensure that all the essential and required paperwork and documentation are provided to the board members of the company ahead of every meeting conducted, and further the board procedures and regulations are abided by. These professionals are obligated to ensure systematic compliance with legislation and proper conduct is followed within all the company activities. In addition, they act as the point of contact for shareholders on issues concerning corporate legalities.

The company secretaries must have the knowledge and information regarding company law to ensure that the company is meeting and adhering to all the legal requirements and regulations. In addition, they are responsible for updating and maintaining the registers in case of inspection and further formulating and developing direct reports and accounts.

The secretary will communicate and keep in touch with the shareholders, handling the transfers of shares and any other concerns. In addition, they have the responsibility of handling any preparation and documentation arising before or ahead of board meetings.

Which involve keeping the directors up to date with the information like time, date, and location of the board meetings, developing agendas, preparing documents of the action points at the end of the meeting, and communicating the relevant people about any decision made during these meetings for such as informing the regulatory information service if any decision has been made related to the payment of a dividend.

Why You Should Outsource Your Company Secretarial Duties

Investing in a company to perform company secretarial roles and responsibilities on your behalf can offer an ample number of benefits to your business, making an undeniable impact. For example, a company secretary brings the following advantages to the table.

Effective Management of Your Roles and Responsibilities.

A company secretary maneuvers a significant amount of admin, which generally includes attesting all the required and necessary paperwork and documentation, recording any changes in the company and preparing and governing an account book of stocks and transfers. Therefore, investing in a company secretary brings in professionalism, ensuring that your company follows soundproof business practices and is in compliance with all the legal regulations.

Tapping into Enriched Experience and Knowledge of Professionals.

A professional in any field has the knowledge and expertise that they can bring to the table in the form of their work which means that they will be able to determine the company’s needs and provide tailor curated services and strategies for your company’s health and wealth.

Hassle-free Conducted Duties Within a Given Timeframe.

The quote “time is money” does hold all the power, especially in the corporal world. Therefore, it is necessary that all the relevant and essential tasks within the business are conducted on a timely basis and do not cross the deadlines. A company secretary and virtual legal officer professional bring in the most effective and efficient methods to conduct business practices, saving you time and hence money.


Recruiting and training employees to become a secretary is a grueling process, not to mention a money-draining process. Therefore, hiring a company secretary will eliminate all those unwanted costs and workload invested into the recruitment and training process. In addition, a company secretary has the knowledge and expertise to complete the tasks related to the subject matter.

Bringing in the Advanced Technologies for Working

Company secretarial firms have the latest trendy technologies available to them, which you and your company can have access to without the installation or maintenance costs incurred to apply them in the business practices and workings

Risk Elimination

A company secretary ensures that the company adheres to all the legal formalities and requirements to avoid fines or penalties or, in some cases, criminal proceedings, thus reducing the possibility of financial penalties.

CONCAT’S company corporate law services and secretarial services will ensure that your business’s efficiency improves overall by letting your staff concentrate more on pressing issues rather than working on company secretarial roles and responsibilities.