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What are HR outsourcing services?

Ever wondered how to save the time of your valuable brand by outsourcing? Well, the Human resource department is an integral part of any organization. And due to its demanding responsibilities, many brands opt to hire HR outsourcing companies in India.

This helps an organization save time and focus on its zones of strength! HR services can be most helpful for startups beginning to form a core team and invest mindfully. You may consult Concators HR operations to get a leading service provider on your end! Our trustworthy services and professional work environment has transformed many hefty HR operations into easy ones.

Any excelling startup business consultant in India would advise outsourcing HR from any other company to handle payrolls, staff training, employee benefits, and other such functions. However, rather than investing time and effort in these HR compliance services, brands tend to hire a third party that can easily manage this area of their firm.

A major pro of this set of business expansion consultant services is that it dramatically cuts down the expenses of a company. Rather than hiring an entire department and having to pay them consistently, it has become much easier to get an HR outsourcing party that can reduce the hassle for the brand.

In recent years it has become quite evident that the companies are more inclined towards working on their strengths. Therefore, HR outsourcing allows them to work on their specialization and deliver the best products to their customers.

The current Scenario has witnessed that most businesses have started to utilize offline and online platforms to establish their market. Thus, the competition grows with each passing day, and the brands focus on both aspects of their business. Especially if you own a startup or a small enterprise, having a separate department to manage the HR compliance services can be pretty hectic and time-consuming. Plus, it may cost you a lot of money to keep it running!

All in all, it can be a win-win situation to outsource HR services because it will cut down the expenses of your company and reduce the burden of having a different department.

Three Major Types of HR Outsourcing.

1. Application Service Provider ( ASP ) :

To perfectly manage the HR operations, many companies provide ASP. Under this outsourcing method, the brand is given customized hardware and software inputs to install into their systems. These are professionally designed applications like Oracle HRMS & PeopleSoft HRMS that help in operations like data handling, modulation, and enhancement. Some renowned companies that provide ASP are PeopleSoft and Oracle.

2. Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO )

Many brands tend to hire BPO services to have a dedicated department that can process customers’ queries. The client comes in contact with the support centers, reducing a significant workload! Generally, BPO is outsourced by brands that have an international client base. To converse with them in their preferred language and time, BPO serves as a great relief.

3. Total HR Outsourcing.

Total HR outsourcing is hired from third parties to evaporate the department entirely. The provider company has some professional HR officials and strategists. This includes ASP & BPO, so there is no HR department in the brand. The customization of hardware and software and the support centers are managed under Total HR outsourcing.

The third parties tend to introduce new features for their employees now and then. For example, the ASP applications are being updated with further modulations to serve the clients better. Because the competition in outsourcing has risen immensely and it is getting harder to retain employees in the longer run. With that said, HR service types can vary mildly with many more additions to save time and effort.

Concators, among the top best hr outsourcing companies in India, have a dedicated team of HR strategists to make a structured layout for your operations. You can drop a message at +91 9555626260and one of our officials will soon get you on the line!