Virtual CIO Services/Virtual CTO Services

Information Technology is pivotal to the success of any organization. In large organizations, it is feasible to build a big team including leadership. It is to drive the IT strategy for the organization. However, it becomes challenging for any small to mid-size organization. If they bring seasoned IT resources, the cost might be pretty high. They also have to involve themselves in various IT initiatives. Which might be at the cost of some other critical business deliveries. Virtual CIO Services is offered at a fast pace to large organizations. Those organizations are in need of chief information technological services.

There is also a possibility that the role might not provide enough scope to have a full-time CIO on board. This can also be a gap fill for large organizations as many a time one needs additional support on various challenges faced by the organizations. The Virtual CIO Consulting Services and virtual secretarial services allow your organization to utilize the skills and expertise of a proven and successful technology leader without the overhead associated with employing such an individual on a full-time basis.


Virtual CIO Managed Services help them bring the right resource on board and help in bringing the missing critical competency on board. Which can help support short-term, mid-term, and long-term business needs. It may become quite effective from a costing standpoint. Also, we all know that implementing the wrong process technology may impact the organization’s overall growth. 

Is CTO Higher Than CIO?

CTO is a person who owns the entire tech-stack of the organization, so S/he is a very tech-focused person who primarily understands various in and out points of data. How is the network being designed, and how much external connection do we have? Any kind of information security footprint are we having in the organization? Any are the weak points of the entry? What kind of people, process, and tool setup has been done to control any hacking?

On the contrary, CIO is technical but more business-focused and looks to use the technology to get desired intervention to achieve the business objective/ vision. He understands the organization’s vision and associated business problems to achieve that business vision, empathizes with business challenges. And partners with other business leaders to solve the business problem using technology intervention. CIO remains in a higher position than CTO as CIO in a way plays a business leader role. 

Should a CIO Be Technical? 

CIO can also be from business; however, understanding the technology is paramount for a successful CIO. So anyone and everyone who understands the technology, how the data is being generated, retained, used, and destroyed in the organization, how various processes are using the technology, and who understands the optimal use of the technology to solve the business problem would be the right choice for this role. 


What Should a CIO Focus On? 

CIO should always focus on the business vision, associated business challenges, and how CIO can partner with other business leaders to solve the business problem to achieve the business goal. CIO should not be an order taker or just an executor; he should put his maximum time into innovating the technology footprints in the organization, always propagate the use of the technology in the organization wherever the process is being done manually.

What Are the Benefits of Getting VCIO on Board?

1 – Flexible 

This service could be for the short term as well as for the long term. Sometimes while transitioning, doing some strategic project, or needing additional help for a fixed period, a VCIO can come on board; this could also be supplemented a gap in case any senior IT leader had moved out, and the organization is looking for hiring a leader. This service can help in filling the gap and making sure that the business runs as usual. 

2 – Cost Efficiency

This can be very cost-effective as well. If you are looking for a leader at your off location, sending a leader from another location might be costly due to other associated expenses.  

3 – External Perspective

An external person can also bring an outside-in view to make the problem-solving process much easier and effective.

4 – Time Efficient

In an SMB setup, your internal team can continue to support your business as usual. Any tactical and strategic projects can be supported through this service to make it more effective and impactful for the organization. 

5 – Expert Mentoring

VCIO helps in Road map for Application and Infrastructure, designing the IT ecosystem as per the business vision, Driving strategic projects/ programs, Team Management, and Building in-house capability for mission-critical applications. 

6 – Cost Optimization

vCIO helps in Budgeting and focuses on cost optimization.

7 – Leverage Vendors

Defined Service Level Agreements and negotiated prices to extract the best from the technology vendors.

8 – Compact incidents

Documented Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans for faster resolution of impacted operations and IT Policy definition for proactive monitoring of Information assets to avoid incidents.

9 – Catalyze Business

Increased visibility of the value chain and improved yield through optimized processes in sync with the defined business plan to achieve organizational goals.

What Are the Services Provided By a VCIO?


1 – Information Technology Strategy

2 – Information Technology Architecture

3 – Information Technology Operation

4 – Information Technology Governance

5 – Information Technology Budgeting 


How Can We Help?

Concat team has identified this as one of the services and believes that this is one of the musts to have services for any business. we can help our clients to take this service to solve their core IT issues, digital transformation, short-term capacity planning, long term association. Concat provides virtual services in other industry segments, such as Virtual CFO Services and Virtual CMO Services.

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