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Thanks to the significant number of steps involved, starting a new business can be overwhelming. However, these are essential steps that have to be taken and need to be known about well in advance. Unfortunately, many of these steps can be overwhelming and paralyzing as first-time investors and newbie entrepreneurs. 

They can cause inertia and leave you feeling stuck with no forward movement. Thankfully, if you are a first-time business owner, a startup business consultant in Delhi NCR can provide the help you need to get a kick start and impetus your company deserves. 

Concators help organizations and entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture but do not have experience doing so. Our consultants offer unique expertise that helps blend your entrepreneurial ideas with practical solutions and real business insight to make your business a massive hit in the market for website & mobile app development companies.

The best time to seek professional business advice, as well as support, is before you set to sail, or in other words, before you start. concators will work with you to identify the most critical first steps that you must take for your business to succeed. Not only will we help you to identify your first steps, but we will also assist you in having them executed. At Concators, we also help you tailor the solutions your company offers so that you can get a greater return on investment. 

Market Research

At Concators, our consultants have years of experience helping startups for India entry advisory companies get the boost they need. Our clients are spread across various industries. We work with our clients to help them research market trends, industry standards, competitors, incentives, and other relevant details needed for a startup company. We conduct in-depth research to cover all aspects of your business and to ensure that your business launches with a bang and has the potential to grow with time. 

Planning Assistance

Proper planning is essential for a startup, as it helps you outline what your path will look like. Concators help you in your planning. Our consultants will help you create the perfect plan to launch your products, solutions, and services to market them. How to grow your business, and most importantly, how to reach your potential customers. Concators will assign a startup business consultant to work with you by building a successful business strategy based on the needs and goals of your business. 

Task Execution

Unlike many other startup business consultants, we walk with you the whole nine miles. We help you perform market research and build a business plan and do what it takes to help you execute your plan. We also help our clients execute the necessary tasks and steps to kick start the business. In addition, we assist you in sourcing vendors who can provide quality results. At Concators, we strive to render action-oriented support that is critical in the early stages of any business. 

Suppose you have a grand idea for sales and marketing consulting firms that you wish to put into action. But the fear that you do not have the experience to give wings to your business fret not, for Concators has your back. We love working with startup companies and watching them make their dreams come true. So call us today at 91.9555626260 to speak with a startup consultant and give your company the impetus it deserves. 

Startup Business Consultant in Delhi NCR

Hiring Startup Consulting Consultant in Delhi is quite affordable compared to a full-time employee. You can save up to 50% on business costs by hiring Startup Consulting Freelancers in Delhi. Moreover, hiring Delhi Startup Consulting Freelancers on is 100% safe as the money is released to the freelancers after being 100% satisfied with the work.

Reliable Start-Up Business Consultant at Your Disposal

Starting a business is a massive initiative, and you need to deal with and take care of many things. Creating a business and running the same can be overwhelming for those who start their first venture. There are too many things to take care of and too many matters to deal with aside from the main business.

At such times, having reputed experts to be a guidepost can be more helpful than one might think. With our platform, you can find professionals with ample business knowledge, providing reliable guidance to startups to have a solid foundation to build the business further. In addition, our franchise development consultant can help you attain stark new heights and maximize investment return. But there’s more that you get while opting for these services with our platform.  

Get Management Expertise With Us

One of the first pillars of a successful business is proper management. No matter your business’s size, a sound management system can quickly help it get the best out of itself. 

Our platform’s startup business consultants are well-versed and equipped to the teeth with knowledge on every business aspect. Management is no exception, either. 

Therefore, we can help you and your business get the appropriate management structures to work efficiently. It will be a continuous process wherein the owner learns while working with our consultants and gains experience. 

Expert Advice on Primary Matters

Our small business marketing consultant has innate market knowledge and expertise. Therefore, our knowledge covers every nook and cranny of the business. Because startups are basically from scratch, our consultants can help you make the right choices from the beginning while teaching you what to do and what not to do in various fields. Hiring our startup business consultant is a sure-shot way to make all the correct choices from step one. 


The first move you need to make when starting your business is research. You need to know about the state of the market, the scopes of your products, the target audience, sales pattern, etc. Unfortunately, this means too many things to think of and no particular place to start in. Our startup business consultants can be your saviour here. We will guide you on where to start and go while teaching you the means and methods. 

Strategy and Planning

Businesses are all about strategies and planning, and all these come immediately after having done your research. This is where the crux of your business lies, as these strategies you make will help move your business forward. Our business consultants will help you develop the best strategy for your business goals and interests. 

Third-Person Opinion and Feedback

Our startup business consultants take an unbiased approach to give you a third-person opinion. While running a business, such opinions and perspectives are essential. Also, we will provide you with such views in an unbiased manner to see what you need to see and move forward accordingly.

Are you thinking of hiring the best startup funding consultants India? Get in touch with Concators at 91.9555626260 for the best services and consultations for your business. We are the best startup business consultant in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Startup Business Consultant Do?

A startup business consultant is responsible for evaluating and assessing the company’s business strategy and further providing counselling over management and execution of resources and contingency plans for potential threats. The functions or responsibilities of the consultant can include: –

  • Offering an unbiased and experienced perspective and opinions on the business idea.
  • Evaluating company’s capabilities/abilities for future opportunities as well as threats
  • Preparing a realistic budget for business 
  • Conducting in-depth market research for competition, audience and strategies
  • Providing aid with plans by planning marketing activities, customer approach strategies, expansion strategies
  • Defining management framework for day-to-day performance of the organization.
  • Mentoring and training the staff to speed up business processes and help your company achieve its goals.

Why Do Startups Need a Business Consultant?

With the changing dynamics in the market platform, it is not uncommon for you to not know what will work for the business and what will put it in the new market. Every person in business introduces a business concept to succeed in the market and not for it to have a mere existence in the market. Here are some of the reasons for you to consider hiring a business startup consultant for your businesses: –

Selecting the appropriate business idea and assessing risks

The business idea must be soundproof, practical, scalable, implementable, and unique to work wonders among the audience. A business consultant helps you evaluate your business ideas and identify potential threats to the plan so that you invest only when you have the right plan to invest in.

Finalizing the business strategy and the road-map

Business consultants with their expertise, knowledge and experience play a significant role in finalizing the business plan for your startup. With years of experience and working with different people, these consultants tend to have an insight over business strategies and hence the skill to hone it according to the market environment.  

Efficient utilization of time, funds and efforts

A business consultant provides you with a strategy that requires only the necessary resources and funds to execute it. In addition, they ensure that any wastage of resources, funds or time is prohibited at all costs, thus saving the company’s resources that could be utilized at the time of need.

Handling complex situations

As a startup, you shall face challenges daily – more so on certain days than others. As you may face several difficult situations for the first time, tackling these situations can be overwhelming and exhausting. It may even inject you with the thought of giving up on your startup. In these situations, having a business consultant for your startup may prove to be a boon. They are likely to play an essential role in overcoming those problematic situations. They may have come across similar situations while working with other businesses or may know the right people who have been in similar situations and can help you out. Under challenging circumstances, a business consultant can prove to be an invaluable asset for your startup owing to their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.

To steer the ship in the right direction.

In today’s ever-changing environment, there is a lot of chaos in the market and information bombardment, making experts have divergent views, which consequently may confuse you as an inexperienced founder of a startup and might lead you to make wrong or ill-informed decisions, which may prove fatal for the business. Therefore, the business consultant plays a significant role to ensure that well-informed decisions are made and things go in a planned and organized manner, cutting through the market chaos.

What Skills do You Need to be a Business Consultant?

To make an excellent, efficient startup consultant, one should possess these skills and traits to excel in their career and have the opportunity to work with big label companies. These essential qualities are: –

Bringing an experience to the table

You can consult only when you have the expertise over the subject matter, so quite evidently, a consultant should have the experience and skill set for the particular topic and subject matter they will give advice over. It would help if you worked yourself enough to brand yourself as a business consultant.

  • showcase transparency and hence trust

The business consultant has the responsibility of consulting and assessing the current working of the business because of their job designation and description; however, if you want to be a successful consultant, you should possess qualities like transparency, humbleness, professionalism, easy working attitude for people to trust your decision and suggestion.

Inherit the skill of being an Excellent COMMUNICATOR

As a business consultant, your job is to evaluate and assess a problem and offer a customized remedy for it. To do that efficiently, you must have good listening and communicating skills in your pocket to better understand the problem.

  • Consistency

A consultant’s work doesn’t just provide expertise for the business plan. They are also responsible for working on the plan and ensuring smooth execution. So, it becomes imperial for the consultant to show up with their A-game every day. You need to ensure that you are available whenever there is a need for you to be there. So, you show up every single time and bring on consistency.


A good business consultant knows when to stop being the parent and let the child be on his way (the company in this case). Likewise, you should know when to walk away and let your clients leverage your work; however, they see fit and not stick to it due to emotional investment in the project.


An intelligent business consultant knows that having an enriched source of connections is as important as consulting expertise. Having the right kind of people can bring you the correct result at the right time. Also, working with different professionals makes you learn their positives, which will step up your game compared to your competitors.


As a consultant, you need to be where the client is. Travelling is the silent factor in the job description of a business consultant. You should be able to commute by different modes of transport even if it is quite the distance. The most successful business consultants enjoy or, at the very least, tolerate the high volume of travel the job necessitates.

What Questions Should a Business Consultant Ask?

Here are some of the most asked questions:

  1. What is the result you want for your business?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being that you have arrived at the destination you desire. Where are you now?
  3. What will your action plan be if nothing happens to get you to your desired result in the next 12 months?
  4. What are the complexities keeping you from your desired result right now?
  5. What is the history of the situation (current situation or history of company’s working)?
  6. What are some of your action plans that you have tried to rectify or improve the situation?
  7. What factors affecting this situation are likely to change over the next ‘x’ years?
  8. What are the primary symptoms and the current risks related to the current situation? Etc.

How Much Does a Consultant Charge For a Business Plan?

A professional business plan consultant generally charges between $5,000 and $20,000 for a complete business plan depending on the scale and size of the business plan and the resources and time invested in it. For example, suppose the business plan demands the involvement of new or complicated technology, unusual revenue streams, or requires significant investment capital. In that case, the fees for the consultant can be at the higher end of the scale.