Sales and Marketing Consulting Firms and Services

By putting your consumer in the middle of your business plan, we can help you achieve long-term, organic growth. Every aspect of your client’s experience is put to the test, resulting in ideal interactions at every touchpoint. Sales and marketing consulting firms and their services are result-oriented.

Sales and marketing are considered to be the two different sides of one coin. When you blend these two, what you get is a whopping season of profits.

However, many businesses are faced with the dilemma of whether they should place an in-house marketing team or whether they should outsource these services. If you’re new to the industry, let us tell you about how the whole thing works and how we do it differently.

What Is Meant by Sales and Marketing Consultants?

If you have a brilliant business idea in mind, the only thing you need to get it going is the proper implementation of a marketing strategy and sales entry. With marketing, you will be able to get recognition and leads while it will only be brought to culmination by sales.

The best way to understand the difference between sales and marketing is that while marketing focuses on lead generation, sales focus on lead nurturing.

In layman’s terms, a marketing consultant’s job is to spark the client’s interest and get them to look through the products, while a sales consultant ensures that this client is looked after well and informs them everything they need to know about the product.

Who Needs These Services?

We want to start by saying that every business needs a sales or marketing expert in their team since they are nothing short of indispensable. In any case, if you look around and see these changes, this is your cue to hire our services.

  • Your strategies are no longer generating leads
  • You have been losing margin
  • Your sales model seems haphazard
  • You have a high employee turnover
  • Your sales forecasting process is no longer generating accurate results

Benefits – Small, Medium, and Big Size Companies

Fresh Perspective

One of the first reasons a business looks at outsourcing from sales and marketing firms is that they bring a fresh perspective. Our sales and marketing consultant conducts a thorough review of your business strategies and current operational processes. Our techniques will be motivated by our findings.

Industry Knowledge

If you hire a marketing manager or a sales manager, they will have work experience at two or three companies, limiting their industry knowledge. However, our consultants have dealt with a plethora of companies where each of them belongs from an industry vastly different from the previous.

Therefore, our knowledge of the industry is vast, which has prepared us to work with any particular company.


If you think of hiring an in-house employee, you will have to pay every month, including allowances and bonuses.

On the other hand, if you agree to be on board with us, you only have to pay the contractual payments.

As for startups, they don’t have too much of a budget and cannot hire an in-house sales manager; therefore, outsourcing sales and marketing firms makes much more sense.

How Can We Help You?

As one of the most reliable sales and marketing consulting firms, we assist companies in improving their ongoing business strategy. Our services also include assisting companies in balancing the needs of expanding sales teams by training the managers on sales management preparation and sales performance practices.

We often initiate our process by providing sales managers with a development model that outlines the prospective ROI from the upcoming consultation. A standard marketing and sales consultation session might include topics such as designing sales and marketing-related strategies and tactics, building a thorough sales cycle, and developing a strong lead generation strategy.

With our marketing consultancy services, you will get access to our expert marketing consultants. They have worked with diverse industries and understand very well that the market trend never remains the same.

Services Offered On Our Platform

As for marketing services, we offer:

As for sales services, we offer,

  • Sales Consulting services and Advisory Services
  • Product Launch, Market Research, and Go To Market Strategy
  • Distribution Set-up & Creation Across Omnichannel, Management & Training
  • Visual Merchandising and Point of Sale Execution
  • Best Salesforce Tools Implementation
  • India Market Entry
  • Virtual Chief Sales Officer (VCSO) Services

Apart from these two specific ranges of services, we also have another table, we believe, you will find quite beneficial. We call it customer services:

  • Call Center Setup & Operations Management
  • Customer Life Cycle Management
  • Collection Process
  • CRM Development, Customization & Implementation
  • Virtual Customer Success Officer (VCSO) Services

At Concators, our motto is to connect, consult and collaborate. If you are looking for sales or marketing consultancy services, we are your best option. To know more about our processes or fix an appointment with us, call at 9195556263, and we will take it from there.

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