Capital projects are being approved to enhance capacities to fuel growth. Though, they are complex business decisions and require meticulous planning and execution. At CONCAT, our experienced partners provide advisory & consulting services helping to conceptualize, plan and strategize the capital investments and their project implementation. Our services range from planning a project or program, developing an effective governance processes and structures, and assessing project and process performance. The team support project investors accomplish success in their projects, by assimilating industry experience with expertise, technical & financial competencies, effective methods, digital and technology tools.

  • 1. Project strategy design & execution planning

    Strategic plans are executed by way of Projects. Organizational objectives realisation indicates having the right strategies defined, and doing the right projects to deliver on those strategies.

    Our specialised team facilitates an in-depth review of the stakeholder interests, objectives, priorities and organizational results required for project accomplishment. Accordingly, we get into the development of the potential delivery approaches and the organizational structures necessary to realize the expected results. The result is an overall methodology, delivery strategy and governance structure that is best suited for successful execution.

    A big challenge during the planning stage is the development of effective estimates. Our specialised team of experienced professionals work out the estimates of a complex program, or objective validation and independent review of the estimates prepared by your project teams, thereby helping your company to develop steady and reliable estimates.

  • 2. Business case design & creation

    Business cases serve as a critical factor in evaluating and approving strategic initiatives. A good business case highlights the opportunity, and or the problem that is being addressed and depicts feasible and actionable alternatives about the realisation of expected results.

    We have mentored and curated the development of several business cases and feasibility studies, across industries and organizations. We have the approach, consulting skills and insights required to help cost out and quantify the benefits of even the most complex initiatives.

  • 3. Operations set-up and execution

    CONCAT partners have decades of experience across various manufacturing industries in getting the Plant set-up done including business intelligence and market research, project reports and engineering procurement; Product Development including reverse engineering, research & new product development, designing & prototyping, and product validation; Engineering & Technology including all techniques around six sigma, lean, etc; Production and Quality Assurance including process improvement, inventory management, certifications, etc; Business operations management including setting up the sales & distribution, marketing, finance & supply chain and other relevant functions.

  • 4. Project governance, audit & recovery assessment

    Project governance is an important stage in the project life cycle ensuring effective oversight of strategic initiatives. Several strategic initiatives struggle due to a lack of appropriate oversight, or with convoluted governance structures to support effective decision-making.

    We have the expertise, knowledge and objectivity for designing an effective governance structure for your new or existing strategic project or program. As part of the engagements, we define the structure, processes, communication strategies, decision making procedures and formal lines of accountability required for effective oversight. We collectively work with businesses to understand the culture and political environment in which the project will exist, and to design a suitable project governance framework. Our project audits provide an objective and autonomous view of current performance and project management capabilities.

  • 5. Organizational project management assessment

    A business must understand where it is starting from, in order to define where it is going, and the path it needs to take to get there. At CONCAT, the assessment services provide the essential information and insight to plan your improvement journey, be it the beginning to enhance your project management practices, or are well advanced in your project management journey, to help you to ensure you get the best value possible from your project administration investment.

    Our project management assessment services help businesses to understand their current practices, define their performance goals and identify those improvements that will have the greatest impact on realizing their goals. Assessment results include best practice & competition benchmarks from across industries around the world for effective action.

How CONCAT differentiates:

Enthusiastic & fully dedicated project management team across 1000+ Industry Experts

Our core focus is Project definition, Project specs & milestones setting, Quality delivery & project cost

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