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    Payroll Services we offer

    Concat provides end-to-end payroll services to businesses of all sizes.

    Computation of Net Salaries and Wages to Employees and Workers respectively
    Tax & statutory deductions
    Validation & Verification of Payment Data
    Generation of Online Payslips
    Payment Deposits
    Resolve Payment related Queries

    Benefits of Payroll Services

    Our payroll outsourcing solutions are designed to save you time and money. In addition, In addition, we help you save effort by eliminating the need for you to deal with payroll administration and compliance issues
    Overcome the complexity and risk of sourcing, managing and delivering payroll services.
    Anticipate changes in laws and regulations, while managing differences in time zones, currency and language.
    Unify and standardize your payroll processes into a best-in-class model that helps reduce HR administrative costs.
    Benefit from a single view of workforce data for reporting and analytics, improving fact-based decisions.

    Why Concat ?

    We are a leading provider of payroll services in the country, and offer payroll and labour compliance services across all states in India. Payroll Service can help you in simplifying the tedious process and make it more efficient.                         


    Rahul Autus Consultancy

    Concat team has been extremely helpful in easing out the payroll and related compliances, which were a pain point in regular business operations.

    Lakshmi Find Ur Space Consultants LLP

    The professional approach and timely disbursement of salaries has been the biggest advantages with Team Concat.

    Dipti Digimarketmoz

    Effective and efficient platform to find world-class consultants. I recently hired one consultant in sales and distribution for my new line of products. All my challenges were sorted under one roof. Thanks, Concat.


      Reliable payroll is critical to keeping a business functional and maintaining a positive workplace atmosphere. Nothing damages employee morale like late, inconsistent or inaccurate payroll.

      It’s also critical to ensure that you file your taxes accurately: late payments to your workforce or inaccuracies in your tax information can lead to costly penalties. One should dedicate whatever amount of resources required to get the payroll process right.

      A payroll policy should make clear how your business is complying with regulations, what guidelines your employees can expect and what rules govern the payroll department. It should cover:

      • Defining a workweek
      • Time, attendance and how to log hours
      • Break periods and rules (including whether breaks are paid or unpaid)
      • Overtime eligibility and rates
      • Pay periods
      • Payroll deductions (mandatory and voluntary)
      • Wage structure
      • Recordkeeping (how long payroll records are kept according to State and Union rules)
      • State specific statutory requirements

      The method you use for payroll will dictate the time commitment involved. As a rough guideline, manual payroll processing can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the number of employees involved and the compliance requirements that need to be met. 

      There are several best practices that can help make a business payroll process more efficient. Besides, having access to effective software tools can improve the payroll process significantly.