Financial planning and accounting are the two most important aspects of running a successful business. Through the notion of finance and accounting outsourcing services, you explore current trends and show you how to outsource these services.

Need Of The Hour: Outsourcing Finance And Accounting Services

In these unprecedented times in the corporate world, going bold and savvy is the only way to be an astute businessman, which indirectly screams the undisputed need for “OUTSOURCING.” 

The key ingredients to any small/large-scale business would be marketing, customer relationship management, production, finances, etc. However, the critical secret to overhauling your competitors and increasing your business, in the long run, is calculative planning and distinctive quality. 

Still, most entrepreneurs lose sight of the actual goal and squander their resources on aspects that will yield a result that won’t do justice to the energy spent on them primarily because their skillset is not inclined with the tasks. Outsourcing alleviates the distress of hiring, training, and maintaining the dispensable staff.

The focal point for this particular article is the financial and accounting aspect of the business. By that, we mean outsourcing the financial and accounting facet of business essentially because it is pivotal to keep a business healthy and buoyant in the long run. So outsourcing financial and accounting services is just what the doctor has prescribed. But first, let’s get to the fundamental understanding as to what outsourced accounting services are and the technical engineering of its role.

So, outsourcing financial and accounting services transfers the financial responsivity to proficient professionals while still having the final say over their operations. As a result, outsourced finance and accounting services substantially facilitate fiscal health and productivity and the growth of the business. Most importantly, it comes off as a cost-efficient solution.

Finance And Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

To be responsible for such a significant job, the company or the business needs to hire a firm or group of professionals. Who has adequate knowledge, expertise over complex circumstances and opposite skillsets, and the required subject matter qualifications? Let’s take a look over some of the excelling outsourcing finance and accounting services in India in recent years;-

ENTIGRITY SOLUTIONS LLC Integrity solutions is one of the many outsourcing companies based in the USA; also working in India, which provides diverse outsourced finance and accounting services to its clients in India. 

Finance Global

Finance global provides simplified accounting solutions and qualitative business process services to the customers, which helps streamline your business and give your company a competitive edge.

Capacity Business Solutions

This is another company that takes care of the outsourcing services of its client’s business by providing various services such as book-keeping and chartered accountant services etc.

Ohi- Outsourcing India

OHI specializes in accounting outsourcing services. Starting in 2006, it has created a niche in the outsourcing sector with its top-notch working systems, excellent infrastructure, and ethical work practices. 


KPMG is a world-renowned entity that has its outreach in 154 countries. It works with its clients closely to enable them to outsource their accounting. 

BDO India

BDO is the 5th most extensive accounting, tax, and advisory firm. It is the leading mid-tier network globally, with 162 countries and over 80,087 people working in 1,500 offices worldwide. 

Finance And Accounting Outsourcing Services In India

Outsourced finance and accounting service is a colossal web within which (it is safe to say) there are myriads of services. Some of which are penned down below:-

  • Book-keeping
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivables
  • Payroll processing
  • Tax preparation
  • Global accounting
  • Management reporting

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Finance And Accounting Services

Outsourcing finance and accounting services have the potential to hone the future of the business and the entrepreneurs and make it outdo itself sooner than anticipated. It stimulates a substantial improvement of financial health. It puts an end to a constant exhaustive process such as staffing issues, outdated systems, and undisciplined processes, leading to high revenue productivity. But apart from these benefits, outsourced finance and accounting services have an impressive number of benefits under their wings, which has attracted a surprising number of entrepreneurs. Some of which are:-

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services

The Unignorant Cost Reduction Attribute

For apparent reasons, staffing, training, and maintaining an entire finance and accounting department can be a financial nightmare. However, no entrepreneur in their right mind would like the hassle and flowing down of that money down the gutter as it can be utilized somewhere required. So outsourced finance and accounting services act as a shining knight in Armor under these circumstances primarily because the obligation of training and hiring the marketing strategy consultants and tools/infrastructure for the task is eliminated.

Specialized Finance And Accounting Expertise And Technology

Is a group of proficient professionals who have been vigorously trained and specialized for a particular job cost-efficient? Are you kidding? It’s a dream come true for any entrepreneur. These professionals keep the latest compliance policies, financial regulations, and accounting rules. The tracking and implementation of the latest policies and changes are done routinely as part of their job. This means that your business doesn’t have to worry about whether you’re up-to-date or not because you will be. Also, the cherry on top is the most OK technological advances and software are brought to the table.

Substantial Growth In Productivity

When you outsource, you are getting access to the best financial minds dedicated to this field, so the quality of bookkeeping and accounting is much higher than if you were to hire them yourself. Also, the business owner does not have to worry about these aspects of the business. Instead, they can increase the business’s productivity through vigorous planning and management.

Elimination Of Risk And Fraudulence

Since you are in business with professionals; someone who not just knows but is an expert in his job; it automatically eliminates the risk of mistakes in payroll or income tax returns, which can attract heavy penalties. In addition, there is a relatively higher possibility of fraudulent work from the in-house staff rather than outside the firm as their reputation is at stake.

Some more services to check below: