Mobile App Development Services

Since Concators has experience in both cross-platform and native technology, we have figured out a way to strike the right balance between price, efficiency, and project specifications so that we can provide the right approach for your unique scenario.

Android App Development Service

The client pool for android smartphones is growing every single year. It would be rather wise on your side to offer this large user base your unique solution. We design Android applications for different platforms using Kotlin and Java programming languages while accessing Google’s very own software guidelines and tools.

●      Code Audit

A code audit is a tool that Concators offers to customers with an established codebase that they wish to modify. Our team tests and evaluates the consistency of the code and generates a list of priority changes that can affect the efficiency, pace, and reliability of the code.

●      Full-cycle Development

The Concators team creates, builds, checks, and supports all types of Android software. We have a wide range of construction resources and will, if necessary, scale the team up with experienced developers.

●      Server-side APIs for Android Apps

We broaden the capabilities of an Android app by connecting it with serverless architecture and incorporating a backend to it. To make it possible, we build an API and an app server for efficient communication between the mobile server and the interface.

●      Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission can be defined as a project service consisting of a code that no longer satisfies company criteria. This code can be sluggish, have a lot of bugs, or have design and scalability problems. To fix these issues, we try to audit the code, build a revival strategy, and stick to it to produce the best outcomes.

iOS App Development Service

One lesser-known fact: Apple customers tend to be more faithful to their brand than Android users. It can be safely said that investing in an iOS app has lower chances of disappointing you. We work on creating iOS smartphone applications from scratch. We also provide the service of porting your present Android application to iOS.

●      iOS App Development Services

Concators iOS software developers provide full-cycle production services to our customers. This means that we will take full responsibility for production, construction, testing, and maintenance. The Concators team oversees product development from A to Z and assures that the product you get follows your market objectives.

●      Code Audit

The Concators team offers a code audit service to clients whose current iOS applications have unsuspected vulnerabilities and architectural flaws. We audit and review the consistency of your code to identify all the flaws and make a list of changes that will make your app quicker, more reliable, and more efficient.

●      Rescue Mission

If your iOS app is sluggish, has a lot of glitches, or has issues with scalability, our crew of iOS developers will support you with a rescue mission. During a recovery mission, we try rehabilitating the iOS application with a code that no longer satisfies business criteria. To do so, we inspect your codebase and, consequently, develop a turnaround strategy.

●      Server-side APIs for iOS Apps

The server side of mobile and desktop apps is managed by GraphQL and RESTful APIs. We also have backend mobile app development services that will allow you to access your data from whichever interface you wish. We create an API that improves the performance of your IT infrastructure and ensures that your app design is well managed and structured.

AR App Development Services

Augmented reality provides fantastic opportunities for consumer interaction – and it is not just limited to the realm of entertainment. We create context-conscious AR apps that use geographic data to enhance the effectiveness of shopping, traveling, and other applications. We integrate 3D functionality in applications using the ARCore and ARKit frameworks.

Why Should You Choose Us?

●      Efficient Project Management

To reduce budget overruns, avoid scheduling slips and mitigate project costs, we have built up a robust Project Management Office intending to ensure that the product we are working on meets the needs of our consumers and end-users. Our project managers take on the reach, timeline, budget, and staff to produce the project without a delay.

●      Clear Communication

Here at Concators, we optimize the communication between teams and clients by developing a communication strategy that plans and explains all the necessary upcoming meetings — be it regular, weekly, or monthly calls. This is how we ensure that our partners have a consistent view of the market goals.

●      Consistent Delivery

For maximum performance, we use different software development techniques and methods, including Scrumban, Scrum, and Scaled Agile Structure, based on the type and size of the project. An agile and constructive strategy helps us to execute the project on schedule while minimizing rework, emergency work, and schedule slips.

●      Fast Onboarding

We have customers all over the world. Therefore, one of the most important qualities we look for in our team members is fluency in speaking English. While we cannot promise to greet our clients in a language that they would prefer, we have our specialists improve their language skills and speaking fluency every day.

We wish to make a change, not only in our country but irrespective of culture, time, and location. Therefore, we have taken every possible step to ensure a fast onboarding from our side.

●      Scaling on Demand

We agree with the view that our clients should be worried as little as possible. Thus, we work towards achieving the same. That’s why as circumstances change and you need to expand the size of the staff, we gather as many employees as we need to complete it on schedule. Come as soon as you can, we have prepared the best team of engineers, project managers, and designers to provide a unique and clean experience working with us.

●      Decisions Based on Relevant Data

To bring your business goals to life and build an app with strong market demand, the Concators team performs multiple rigorous rounds of market and business analysis. The ideas and perspectives we receive from this review enable us to come up with a list of features that will fulfill the needs of your end customers.

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