Marketing services are ever-evolving and fast-changing. As said by Joe Chernov “Good marketing makes the company looks smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart”, and by Tom Fishburne “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Marketing is the process and activity for promoting, communicating, creating, delivering various goods and services to customers, clients, partners, and society at large. A strategic marketing plan is a cycle of creating brand & product awareness, converting the same to intention to purchase, and eventually a purchase.

Influential marketing targets consumers through emotional persuasion and creating connections with products and services. Marketing services are critical for any business to helps build and maintain the company’s brand & reputation, build a relationship between a business and its customers, helps boosting sales, providing insights on businesses and competition, and open up new revenue streams.

  1.  Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (VCMO)

    Virtual Marketing officer has the ability to work with your business teams to achieve your business goals, design programs and campaigns, and execute. All of this without hiring and managing full-time staff. VCMO service is specifically tailored and unique for each client. While the requirement of a few clients is to concentrate on product development & pricing, marketing, recruitment, and external reputation, others want CRM integrated campaigns coupled with deep analytics and targeting lead generation till conversions.

    Virtual CMO service gives businesses access to CXO level marketers bringing the experience to your team ensuring working on the right campaigns to get more customers, revenues, and ROI.

    Our Virtual CMO and Virtual CIO service offerings include marketing strategy review and alignment with organizational objectives; short-term goal and action alignment including mentoring program; medium to long term engagement to include frequency-based reviews and mentoring program, where we become a party to approvals and pricing, etc.

  2. Product and Pricing Strategy

    A pricing strategy is a method used to establish the best price for a product or service. It helps you choose the best prices to maximize profits and shareholder value while considering consumer and market demand. A pricing strategy considers account segments, paying ability, prevailing market conditions, competition benchmark & best practices, trade margins and input costs, and another apportionment. The various category of pricing strategies used is cost-plus pricing, penetration pricing, premium pricing, economy pricing, and skimming pricing, etc.

    The pricing strategy always gets tested across sales scenarios. The best fit must be within the target markets and may need optimization as per the specific scenario.

  3. Market Research

    Market research is the process in which a company determines the viability of a new service or product through research. Which is either conducted directly or with potential customers. It is crucial for companies that are looking forward to launching new products or services, as this records customer’s feedback and behavior. At conc@t, you can connect with the best market research companies to help to understand consumption patterns, like-dislikes, buying behavior, decision-making process; current demand & supply equations and need gaps/ expectations; and, competition benchmarking in terms of food ingredients/ pricing/ margin scenarios and HR shared services.

  4.  Advertising & Product Promotion

    Advertising is one of the most important channels for marketing strategy consultants. It is the process of promoting a product to a group of people to attract them and convincing them to buy a product. Advertising involves high costs and set for the viewership of a particular type of audience.

    Advertising strategy is a plan to reach and influence a customer to buy a product/ service. The strategies of advertising require artistic thinking and testing. So, it is better that you should let the expert handle it and focus on the work that matters to you the most.

    CONC@T helps businesses develop an advertising strategy including identifying the target customers; defining the role of advertising in the promotional mix; making the advertising purpose and budgets; picking the creative approach; determining the media and programming schedule; executing the advertising & promotional program, and measuring its effectiveness.

  5.  Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. We at Concators provide strategies focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business through In-depth website analysis, Keyword research & analysis, On-page, and Off-page optimization, Social media optimization, and Web content writing, etc. These services are tailor-made for your business-specific requirement.

    While Digital marketing services cover a wide range of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon, we’ll focus on the most common types i.e., Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Online Advertising – Campaign Elements; Social Media Marketing (SMM); Content Marketing; Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC); Affiliate Marketing; Email Marketing; Radio advertising; Television advertising; and, Mobile Phone Advertising.

Virtual CMO @ Marketing Consulting

CONC@T is a leading marketing consulting group with state-of-art automation, analytics tools, and experienced marketing mentors, We enable and curate a customized roadmap for your organization to help achieve a significant increase in marketing & sales performance, and provide CMO on-demand advisory service for start-ups & MSMEs looking to increase growth and profitability.



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