A robust IT Infrastructure – Key to success


Information Technology is playing a very significant role in the success of every enterprise irrespective of its size i.e small, mid or large. It is now unimaginable to think of any enterprise running without the support of the IT Ecosystem.

We all admire various applications, tools, website & mobile app development company which are giving us a great experience and helping us in solving various business problems, day-to-day problems, etc. but we hardly give much appreciation to the entire ecosystem which is helping us to run the same seamlessly. There is a Network, Middleware, Servers, etc to support this great experience which we experience on a regular basis. 

In the last decade, IT infrastructure has become a commodity, and many organizations either partially or fully moved to the cloud. It has helped them to plan quick ramp up or ramp down of the infrastructure which was earlier having a lead time of 4-8 weeks and other issues like space crunch, limited resource bandwidth, other unforeseen logistical issues.

This flexibility has also helped them to optimize their IT capabilities and many organizations are now moving to have Infrastructure support as a service rather than building or keeping this capability internally. It helps them to focus on the core capabilities to support their organization instead of focusing on building various capabilities which might a nightmare to build internally or takes up lots of unnecessary time and effort.

The way, technology is changing rapidly, this outsource service along with the cloud tech-stack helps them to easily switch. Earlier it was an infrastructure investment that was becoming technical debt to the organization but now with more and more cloud services, every IT expenses slowly becoming Operation Expenses than a Capital Expenses which was adjusted over a period of time. This has helped in reducing the overall upfront cost of the implementation, migrating from one technology to the better ones, and high visibility of the IT expenses to the IT stakeholders and human resource outsourcing firms.  

How Can We Help?


Concat Team has identified this as one of the services and believes that this is one of the musts to have services for any businesses. This helps in re-optimizing the IT organization and building the right capability which can help the internal functional team to work cohesively as a single team. It also helps in adopting new ways of working i.e Agile, DevOps culture.

An outsource Infrastructure team help in architecting the right architecture to support the business vision and later on supporting the same. Since they are doing it for multiple organizations, it builds various automation to optimize the support which brings lots of predictability and helps in reducing the downtime resulting in happy customers.

We help in understanding the identified need to bring the best supporting partners to the enterprises. We help the Enterprises to draw a short-term, mid-term, and long-term roadmap to get the right focus on technology need, cloud roadmap, and avoidance of upfront investment. We just not only focus on the basic needs like Lift and Shift but also help in refactoring, rearchitecting the entire ecosystem to achieve maximum return of investment. Let’s connect with a small business marketing consultant and have a discussion to achieve your vision by bringing the right cloud technology intervention in a cost-optimized way.  


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Get IT Infrastructure Consulting Services? 

You can reach out to us with the desired requirement. Post understanding your requirement, we would bring the right team on board to deliver the same. 

What is the Cost of IT Infrastructure Consulting Services? 

It varies basis on the kind of services one needs. While support works can be done at a lower cost, some bigger initiatives like sizing, architecture design, cost optimization, etc., would need the highest level of skill to complete the project. 

What is a Managed Service Provider? 

The Managed Service provider manages the infrastructure on behalf of the client basis defined/agreed tasks between the client and the service provider.

Is Concators a Managed Service Provider or a break-fix Business? 

Concat can provide you with both services. 

Why should I Choose Concators for IT Infrastructure Consultation Services? 

Concat has seasoned reliable IT resources. We always focus on minimizing cost and maximize the result.