International Market Entry Strategies

A market entry strategy is the proposed distribution and delivery system of products or services to a new target market. It refers to the development, establishment, and management of contracts regarding importing and exporting services in a foreign country.

As a business owner, you want your company to grow and expand its business. But there are times when the business comes to a standstill. At that crucial junction of the organization’s business journey, the marketing strategy consultants decides whether or not to enter new markets.

It makes sense if a firm starts looking at international markets and exploring market entry once it has established itself in the local market. This is where Concat’s international market entry strategies come into play.

International Market Entry Strategies Advantages and Disadvantages

Transitioning from a domestic to an international firm may be difficult, and organizations that don’t grasp the nuances will likely suffer while entering the international market. Therefore, as part of its entrance strategy, a firm aiming to expand into international markets should examine the following factors:

You must determine whether your goods will be manufactured in the new location, delivered from existing manufacturers, or acquired in the new region, reworked, and sold. The cost of entering the market will fluctuate based on this response.

The firm will require a marketing plan for the new region, including which markets it will penetrate, which segments are the most essential, and if the approach will be global or regional. After that, we sit together with our clients and support them with the right kind of expertise that helps them make the correct business decision.


If you know your competitors are joining the same market as you, you have two choices. Either try to be the “first to market” or wait and see how successful your competitors are before following them into the market.

You will be incurring many risks if you try to be the “first to market.” To begin with, no matter how comprehensive your market research is, you cannot ensure that consumers would buy your product.

Second, depending on your market entrance strategy, you may need to invest a significant amount of money or face opposition from prospective local partners who are skeptical of the product’s success. We are one of the best startup business consultants.

If your rivals succeed, you will understand your product or service market, and local businesses will be much more eager to collaborate with you.

How Can We Help?

We at Concat can assist you in establishing financially viable global entry strategies with a practical execution path that considers your context and objectives. Concat has a long history of successful market entry projects in various industries. As a result of this expertise, we have built a patented approach that answers the concerns above while also bolstering your internal capabilities for future difficulties.

Call us today and explore a new business market waiting for you.

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