Investment in Infrastructure has always been the main driver and determinant of the growth of a company. Correct investment in infrastructure is the key to save costs. At Conc@t, we help you in meeting the best infrastructure consultancy agency and business consulting firms which will help you in setting up your operations and give you advice on the various cost-saving ways on infrastructure. As we all know, the times are changing, and companies are looking to explore work-from-home options for employees. We can help the companies in saving costs on setting offices.

Some of the Services that Comes Under Infrastructure Are-

1. Procurement Advisory

2. Financial Modelling

3. Risk Management

4. Transport Planning

5. Transaction Management

6. Construction Audits

Admin Functions

The outsourcing of admin and other related functions has increased in the past several years, and this practice does not appear to be slowing soon. Organizations are becoming more sophisticated in how they use and select service providers, negotiate contracts, and spread liability risks.

Organizations outsource administrative functions for several reasons most common are to achieve cost savings, obtain outside expertise, increase service quality, and free up internal personnel to focus on strategy. Rather than administrative or peripheral concerns. Some services that are covered under Administration functions are-

1. Management of Day to day operations of Staff Members

2. Facilities Management

3. office Supply Management

4. Budgeting

5. Planning of events

6. Management of employee data

7. Management of contractual staff and contractors.


In business management, logistics is the term defined as the planning, marketing strategy consultants, and monitoring of the physical flow of goods and any associated function. Logistics are a part of every company, no matter the industry. Corporate logistics is an umbrella term for the different logistics needs of a company. Logistics include the following services-

1. Procurement Logistics

2. Distribution logistics

3. After-Sales Logistics

4. Disposal Logistics

5. Reverse Logistics

6. Global Logistics

7. Domestic Logistics

8. Concierge Logistics