Human Resource continues to be the most expensive, time consuming, and unmanageable variable of the balance sheet for most businesses. More so when it comes to start-ups and small businesses that are about to hit critical mass. This is where most businesses start to realize the need for an active HR department and HR shared services. It is always advisable to do this in the early stages as it lends credence and structure to a business. It also makes the daunting task of managing employees & their expectations while aligning them to business needs, more manageable. The human resource training and development process is perfect.

Human Resource Training and Development Process

At Conc@t, we help services seekers with end to end HR Solutions can be categorized under the following heads-

  1. Virtual Chief Human Resource Officer (VCHRO) and Shared Services

    Virtual CHRO service is the process of providing an array of services through the use of various types of technology to employees in order to serve their HR needs. Start-ups, MSMEs, and SMEs can strengthen their HR capabilities, bringing savings in costs and resources to support HR operations. The VCHRO service will improve your administrative, operational and strategic HR capacity by way of managing your 360-degree HR function, carrying out reviews of your HR policies and ensure implementation, compliance assessment, and solutions, manage & implement your performance management process, etc.

  2. Shared Services

    Shared Services is the process of Human Capital Management through dedicated KAM and automation enablement. Generally helpful when a company needs help with a particular function like – Policy formulation, compensation designing, performance management, grievance handling, etc.

  3. Compliances

    Statutory compliance in HR refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate while dealing with their employees. Adhering to statutory compliances is necessary for all big and small companies to keep their businesses safe from legal trouble. Our compliance agencies will help your business assess the compliance posture, offer recommendations & implementation support for HR laws including applicable federal, state & local regulations.

  4. Talent Acquisition

    Talent acquisition is the process of identifying and acquiring skilled professionals to meet your organizational goals. With our verified talent acquisition agencies, you will be able to get support for not only white-collar but also blue-collar, bulk hiring, staffing, contractual hiring, temp hiring, tech staffing companies, and an AI-based applicant tracking system.

  5. Training and Development

    Training and development programs help companies in strengthening the skills of their employees and making sure they are consistent in performing their tasks. A trained employee will work efficiently, which will indeed lead to a financial gain to the employer. Our Training and Development Division is created to promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs. At CONC@T, you will find training agencies for all your needs- operational, managerial, or technical. You name it we have it.

  6. HR Consulting

    HR Consulting is helpful for companies that are looking forward to maximizing the efficiency of their HR operations and reduce their overall costs. Our HR consultants help companies to address a particular problem or deficit and are tasked with auditing, assessing, or driving an organizational change. The HR consultants come with high value for their ability to bring an outsider’s objective view.

  7. Tech Integration

    HR technology was gaining momentum before the pre-COVID era, has become a necessity during the COVID era, and will remain to be a major strength for businesses in the future. At CONC@T, we help you to connect with the best companies that are providing the best tech solutions for a company in the field of HR and making things easy. Our technical experts specialize in implementing the right and cost-effective tech tools like Cloud-based HRMS software companies; Enterprise-based HCM; Performance Management system; Employee Tracking System; Expense Tools; Assessment tools; Online Training Tools; Surveys and Feedback; ATS.