Fundraising Consultants/Consulting Firms in India

At CONCAT, our partners are the leading fundraising consulting firms providing the best and most effective fundraising solutions. The fundraising process covers strategy & planning, branding, market research, design, and execution of communication strategy, fundraising training, crowdfunding campaign, Brand promotion services & social media strategy.

Our partners tirelessly work to give the proper insight and market pulse. We challenge the existing hypotheses to drive transformation by bringing the right people together.

We bring the expertise to get you various modes of funding, i.e., Crowdfunding, Angel investors, Venture capital, Private Equity, Debt fund including bank loans, and other facilities as per the specific business need.

Funds are the essential lifeline of any business, be it a profit-oriented organization or a social service-oriented organization. But unfortunately, the majority of the businesses cannot succeed in achieving their goals for want of proper funding in the world of changing environments and tough competition.

It is necessary to have a proper mix of debt and equity for any business to succeed. This gives rise to the fundraising experts, who provide you with the required funds and ensure that the cost of funds is optimum to be competitive in the market.

At CONCAT, we partner with the leading consulting firms providing fundraising solutions for startups and businesses looking to grow.

CONC@T Fundraising Process Covers Plans Around

    • Strategy & Planning
    • Branding
    • Market Research
    • Design and Execution of Communication Strategy
    • Fundraising Training
    • Crowdfunding Campaign
    • Digital & Social Media Strategy for Businesses

Our associates tirelessly work to give the proper insight and market pulse. We challenge the existing hypotheses and drive transformation by bringing the right people together.

We bring the expertise to get you various funding modes, i.e., Crowdfunding, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Debt Funds, including Bank Loans and other facilities as per the specific business need.

A fundraising activity is a specialized activity. Funds may be available in the market abundantly, but choosing the source of funds best suited to the requirements of each business plays an essential role in having a proper funding structure for an organization.

Many business failures can be attributed to the wrong selection of funds, with debt servicing becoming difficult as the business progresses. In addition, the stipulations imposed by the fund providers may affect the smooth functioning of the organization.

The promoter will be an expert in his area like product, processes, etc. but may not have expertise in various intricacies in getting funding for the business at optimum cost. Here lies the need to take the help of a fundraising expert.

What does the Fundraising Expert Like CONC@T do?

We at CONCAT have a team of fundraising consulting firms who undertake a detailed study of the organization needing funds and develop a proper plan of funding. After a detailed review of all aspects of funding, our management consulting firms provide a fresh perspective according to your business requirement.

Having an excellent network of different funding options, we also provide multiple options you can select. We cater to the following fund requirements through our network of many domestic and overseas Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds.

    • Debt Raising
    • Project Financing
    • Acquisition Funding
    • Working Capital Requirement

Various fundraising types to match the stages of growth of any startup or any other business can be easily explained by the below chart.

We at CONC@T help You at Each of These Stages of Your Business

Instead of having a shortage of funds, some businesses have more than sufficient funds, but the funding structure is not best suited to their requirements and is not cost-effective. So they go on accumulating funds as and when required from any available sources without looking at the merits and demerits of the fund’s source.

It is necessary to study every business’s fund requirements as per the nature of the business cycle and suggest a proper mix of funding. We at Concat aim to provide these services as well. With a proper blend of various avenues of funds, we can have the best fit for your business, accessible in service and cost-effective.

The Main Types of Funding and the Possible Funding Sources can be Broadly Classified into the Following Three Categories

Equity Financing: Angel Investors, Self-financing, Family, and Friends, Venture Capitalists, Crowd Funding, Incubators/Accelerators

Debt Financing: Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Government Loan Schemes (CGTMSE, Mudra Loan, Standup India)

Grants: Central Government, State Governments, Corporate Challenges, Grant Programs of Private Entities

Each of these sources of funds has various risks and pressure for repayment and returns to the investor.

The Process We Follow

Assessment of need for funding: We discuss the road map of the business with the owners and assess the exact need of funds in terms of the quantum of funds and the reason for raising funds. Based on their milestones, financial forecasting is made, and accordingly, the fund requirement is fixed.

Assessment of investment readiness: The investor needs to know whether the business to whom the funding will be made is ready to raise funds in terms of revenue projections and returns on investment, time to break even, and other such relevant factors.

Preparation of the deck: After the first two initial steps, all the investee details need to be summarized in a deck to present to the probable investors.

Targeting the probable investors: Looking at the exact requirement of funds and the nature of the business, we need to target possible investors who will best fit the requirements looking at sectoral preferences and matching mindsets of both investor and investee.

Due diligence: Proper due diligence is the essential requirement of an investor before raising funds. It gives the investor confidence that the investee’s projections are proper and the business has the potential.

So, if you are looking for fundraising consulting firms to raise funds for a new business idea or expand your business, your search ends right here. At CONCAT, we bring the expertise to get you various funding modes, i.e., Crowdfunding, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Debt Funds, Bank Loans, and other facilities specific business needs. For more information, call us at 9555626260 or E-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fundraising Consultants for Startups?

Startup fundraising consultants are professionals who have the expertise to raise capital for years. These consultants could either be retired veterans who have had experience with venture capital firms and understand what causes them to tick, or they could be ex-establishers who have had successfully raised capital for their startups.

Startup fundraising consultants have the required skillsets and expertise and a network of investors who can help you provide the capital to build your startup.  

Fundraising consultants could help you by directing your core idea, carrying out market and competitive analysis, substantiating your business plan, and providing analytical insights on your pitch deck.

They have vast experience in fundraising (which comes in handy to first-time founders), can provide an unbiased perspective on different topics, can improvise existing plans, and have access to the right and rich network of investors, academics, and top talent.

What are the 5 Sources of Finance?

Generally, there are many ways to get finance and funding for your business. However, if we talk about the primary five sources of finance, these are that tops the list

  • Family and friends
  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Private equity providers
  • Debt providers

What are the Best Ways to Find a Fundraising Consultant For an Early-stage Startup?

Start following Startups and Business Fundraising, compile and follow a list of best blogs on startups, and read on. Ask questions on the Q/A section. Find a local startup group. Attend their meetings/sessions. Join an accelerator and, in the meantime, build your startup. Develop a team, build a product-market fit, test, substantiate, get traction, go out and put your brand there for people to reach. Finally, indulge in some early sales or presales. You’re not going to be able to raise money until you have that done, so your consultant expense is premature.

How do Investors add Value to Startups?

The investors and venture capitalists (VCs) add value to startups in more than a few ways.

  • Stakeholder Management: Investors are the backbone of the startup. They direct the company board and leadership to ensure smooth operations of the newly established firm. Further, their unrivaled experience and industrial knowledge of working and investing with startups steer the company in the right direction.
  • Fund Raising: Investors are the guiding angels for the startup to raise successive funding rounds depending on stage, maturity, sector focus, etc. They help by networking and connecting the startups to pitch their business to other investors.
  • Recruiting the talent pool: investing in the high-skilled human capital is essential for the startup business, primarily when recruiting senior executives to assist with and drive business goals. With their extensively enriched network, venture capitalists can invest in the right human resources for the business.
  • Advertising strategy: VCs guide you with the appropriate marketing strategy for your product/service.
  • Coalition and acquisition opportunities: The venture capitalists should be aware of the latest business affairs and possible coalition and acquisition opportunities in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem to further strengthen the business through inorganic growth.
  • Organizational Rebuilding: with the gradual growth process from a startup to an acknowledged company, the investors help with the appropriate organizational restructuring and develop processes to increase capital efficiency, lower costs and scale efficiently.

How Much do Fundraising Consultants Charge?

Consultant fees vary from person to person and organization to organization. Generally, consultants’ fees include the service they have provided you along with covering their additional costings for things such as tax, insurance, training incurred by them.

Most good fundraising consultants charge either daily or by a fixed fee. If you’re still looking for a roundabout figure as to how much it would cost you to hire a consultant, you’re probably going to get an hourly rate from $100-$125 per day. These figures will vary significantly among different consultants.

What Percentage do Fundraisers Take?

A 15 percent fundraising expense ratio is often cited as the “expected average.” So, let’s start with the most elementary of analyses. But it all depends on the expertise, skills, and experience years of the professionals and the type of industry you are involved in, and what kind of contract both you and the consultant agree on.

What is a Professional Fundraising Consultant?

Professional fundraising consultants are seasoned pros field marshals of the business world. They have just the right kind of skillset and expertise to manage the fundraising process for your business with several years of experience and vital networking by having links with people who can help your organizations get the funs you need. They outline the road map of the business with the founders and assess the required funds in terms of the quantum of funds and the reason for raising funds. They help you run your fundraiser right from the beginning to end. A consultant can be your guide about how to approach your fundraising.