Besides the requirement of strategic advisory, any business be it a start-up, MSME, MSE, mid to large corporate, requires management of finances, compliances, internal controls, corporate governance, accounting and taxation services & outsourcing, strategy formulation for short and long term.

Financial Advisory

CONC@T’s financial advisory services cater to businesses across corporate finance & restructuring, M&A transaction services, valuation & due diligence, strategic consulting, and outsourcing of finance, accounts, and taxation services.

1. Virtual Chief Finance Officer (VCFO) and Shared Services

VCFO service is for businesses looking at optimizing the business overheads by way of outsourcing complete/ part accounts and finance function, overhauling and streamlining the business financial reporting and internal control process, and further businesses looking to expand the operations in a time-bound and cost-effective manner.

The service includes financial leadership for board members, financial forecasting, and act like an eagle eye for senior management, creation of promoter’s vision & long/ short term business plan, and establishment of governance standards.

Finance functions outsourcing is a new trend that a lot of companies are accepting. At CONC@T, we also help companies with financial reporting, planning & analysis, bookkeeping, hr shared services, accounting, compliances, direct & indirect taxation, treasury management, and IFRS, and other requirements. Read more

2. Governance and Business Intelligence

Effective business intelligence and business consulting firm’s services can provide companies with analysis and reporting to support the following aspects of their business. Decision support systems are part of business intelligence expected to support organizations making informed business decisions based on an enormous amount of analyzed data. CONC@T offers a gamut of services encompassing audit, risk management governance & implementation, business process improvement, cost optimization, and implementation of ERP (Employee Resource Planning), and DSS (Decision Support System) Tools.

3. Fund Raising Services

At Conc@t we have our partners who are the leading consulting firms providing fundraising solutions. The fundraising process covers plans around strategy & planning, branding, market research, design and execution of communication strategy, fundraising training, crowdfunding campaign, digital & social media strategy.

Our partners tirelessly work to give the right insight and market pulse. We challenge the existing hypotheses, drive transformation by bringing the right people together. We work with our customers to shape the competencies that help organizations achieving sustainable advantage.

We bring the expertise to get you various modes of funding i.e., Crowdfunding, Angel investors, Venture capital, Private Equity, Debt fund including bank loans, Accounting Services in Delhi, and other facilities as per the specific business need. Read more

4. Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Mergers and acquisitions are critical corporate events, determining the survival and growth of any business. In a hyper-competitive environment, this strategy is common across industries and businesses. The process of a merger, takeover, or acquisition creating new synergies is extremely complicated and intimidating, involving a humongous amount of money, efforts including paperwork, government laws, legalities, and accounts/ tax procedures.

At Conc@t, a host of reputed M&A specialized firms simplifies the process by guiding businesses through these transformative and multifaceted corporate decisions. They help across the process covering liaison with the prospective acquirers, contract finalization, due diligence of the company, valuation, and the life cycle of deal execution.

Virtual CFO @ Finance Consulting

CONC@T is a leading Finance consulting group with state-of-the-art automation, analytics tools, and experienced Finance mentors. Virtual CFO provides strategic, value adds services to a startup that cannot be provided by an accounting firm.