Employee Concierge Services

The moment you hear the word ‘concierge services,’ you think about the rich and well-assisted. However, professional concierge services can equally benefit businesses regardless of their size. 

Employee concierge services are not restricted to any particular level or department of an organization but are there for all and can serve in practically all workplace environments. 

Our platform is designed to connect businesses with credible concierge service providers while maintaining transparency throughout the process. Here, we will go through all you need to know about employee concierge and HR shared services why we are the most dependable choice for our clients.  

All About Our Employee Concierge Service 

We do come across situations where an employee is too troubled with handling their work life and personal life all at once. This can distract them and cause them to lose focus on their work. Though, as employers, you may not be able to solve their problems, what you can do is give them the option of employee concierge service. 

These services are also known as corporate or office concierge and are employee benefits funded by the employer. We connect you with the right concierge, depending on your requirements and budget. These services help reduce the friction between an employee’s work and personal life by providing them with various convenience and errand running services.

We assign dedicated individuals while maintaining transparency so that you can rest assured about who is going to handle the job. With Concat, you don’t have to be troubled with last-minute errands or be worried about the reliability front.

How Can Our Services Help Your Company?

As an employer, you would definitely want to know how our services can help you, your employees, and your company. Here’s a rundown of how our consultants go about our employee concierge services designed to boost ROI.

● Our platform provides the perfect solutions for organizations looking for employee benefits more than flexibility.

● We are perfect for companies that focus a lot on retention and recruiting strategies. 

● If your company focuses more on supporting working mothers or family caregivers, our assigned concierges can help you ensure that. 

● We aim to increase the morale, wellness and help keep the right work-life balance of your employees.

● Our delegated concierges will help keep your employees centered on their delegated jobs, increasing efficiency. 

Various Concierge Services That Our Platform Connects You With

There are various types of concierge services and IT recruitment out there in the world. Thus, we connect you with the right concierge service provider to help your employees by assisting them with various things. Here are the types of services that clients can opt for by getting connected with concierges through our platform:

Travel Desk or Travel Booking

This is perhaps the most common variety of services for which all companies opt. Traveling is a big part of any business. But with business agendas in mind, having to deal with tickets and other traveling details is quite troublesome. However, with travel booking services from our assigned service providers, it will become seamless. 

The concierges you hire from our platform provide you and your employees with full travel support. With us, you can easily connect to the best travel agencies. Henceforth, you need not worry about your employees’ tickets and other traveling details — we will take care of everything. 

Medical Concierge Services

Our platform can help you keep your employees healthy by ensuring they have the required assistance at their disposal. Our services include connecting you to the top-rated medical concierge services so that your employees are fit and well-focused on their work. 

This is what we can help you with:

● We connect you with medical services, such as ambulance services, infirmary, doctor on call, first aid, and many more.

● We provide consultancy services, where we help you select the best service provider that best fits your requirements. 

● You can also opt for employee wellness programs, such as gym membership, mental therapy, spa, yoga, etc. 

Lifestyle Concierge Services

Not everything should be about work. Similarly, to have your employees perform their best, they need to engage in other activities to increase their social engagements, increase satisfaction, and reduce mental stress. 

We assist in connecting you with concierges to organize events and festivals for recreation, providing personalized assistance, transportation services, etc. 

Who Can Use Our Platform to Opt for Employee Concierge Services? 

It is prevalent to be asked this question. The answer is simple— everyone. The term ‘concierge’ has come to be associated with the rich and the top-class. However, that is just a misunderstanding. When it comes to corporate concierge, our platform is here to serve everyone. 

No matter the department and no matter the level, everyone can make do with a little help. That is precisely what we aim to provide. With our assigned concierge service providers, all employees in your company will be able to benefit. 

This means you get happier, unstressed, and satisfied employees who are always willing to put the extra effort into whatever they are working on for your company. Our platform is not just limited to one type of industry either. Employee concierge services are available for any workplace and industry, including:

● Laboratories

● Finance

● Manufacturing

● IT

● Healthcare

● Hospitality

● Legal

● Call centers 

We Are At Your Service 

We at Concat understand the need for assistance; thus, our consultants devise a well-articulated plan. We strive to help our customers in those little activities that can help them concentrate on their work better without worrying about other things. 

With concierges hired through our platform, your employees would be more satisfied, happier, and valued by you, thus dedicating more effort towards the company. We take pride in our aids and are the best in our field. With our team of experts and professionals, we know just what you require and suggest a concierge plan accordingly. 

If you think of getting employee concierge services as an employee benefit, our platform is your best choice. So, without late, get in touch with our team at 91.955-562-6260. We promise to be the assistance that you, your employees, and your company needs.

What Are the Concierge Services?

According to some sources or people, the concierge is derived from the Latin word ‘conservus’ which translates to “fellow slave.” Some believe that it evolved from the French phrase, ‘comte des cierges,’ which translates to “keeper of candles,” which was the concierge’s primary duty in the Middle Ages.

Anyway, the job of the concierge has changed over a long time. So, in modern times, a concierge is an individual or a company specializing in personal assistance work or any other assistance services like household management, traveling support, vacation management, Business consulting services in Delhi, etc.

What is Employee Concierge Service?

Employee concierge services are the new way of recognizing an employee for their hard work and excellence in the workplace. These services’ primary purpose is to reduce work-life friction by providing services like errand running, convenience services, chauffeur, etc.

As the employee is over-stressed with the long working hours and has no time to do the day-to-day activities, these services help the company in employee retention, talent attraction, and increased productivity.

Types of Employee Concierge Services


  • Errand running is the process of assigning the day-to-day task to an errand-runner. Here is how it works, the employee puts a specific request for an errand via a mobile, web, mail, or application (depending on the provider). The company will then confirm the details and the information, and an errand runner or concierge will be assigned to fulfill that errand.

  • Once this is done, the concierge company will charge the corporate for the service. This service is widespread in the corporate world and allows the employee to be stress-free and makes sure his day-to-day work gets done. Some companies offer this service for free to their employees, while some use the co-pay method not to misuse this benefit.

Travel Helpdesk

  • Travel helpdesk is one of the services which is very useful for an employee, especially those in sales. There are times when an employee has to leave for an important client meeting in another city, or he needs to attend a business conclave and promote your product. These kinds of plans are managed by the Travel Concierge, who takes care of their boarding and lodging.

Employee Loyalty Program

  • Companies have always stressed the concept of “customer comes first.” Recently, efforts are made to have a great relationship with another entity in the company- the employee.

Employee loyalty programs are the programs in which the company rewards its employee for their outstanding work. Employee loyalty has been there for a long time, but only some companies have used it in the past.

In a world where trust is everything, an organization cannot afford to lose talent. So the term of Employee Loyalty Program was formed and is now followed by almost every company. In India, this is mostly done during Diwali by providing the employee with a bonus and other gifts.

As the times are changing, the employees want instant gratification, and hence a lot of companies have moved towards online employee loyalty programs. These are just like the standard loyalty programs; the only difference is that they are on the cloud, and instead of printed coupon the company now provide coupon code to the employee. And they can use that coupon and purchase goods online using the coupon code and digital marketing service.

Such employee loyalty programs make every employee look forward to a new day. While this might not result in eliminating the Monday morning blues (as people seem to love leisure more than work), this at least ensures that the day gets better as it proceeds.

The structure of these benefits changes with the scale and size of the operation. Based on the hierarchy, a loyalty program can be either imbibed (equity in the company) or is created expressly (Meal coupons, shopping coupons, and free coupons).

Many innovative employee engagement programs are flooding the market these days. Some organizations also offer a corporate library program that lets employers sign up and its staff to get free access to a stupendous resource of books across all genres to dive into in their free hours.

Chauffeur Services – Sometimes, a company rewards its long-term and senior employee by providing them with a chauffeur or a driver to drive them to the office and other places to ensure that they have the least amount of stress.

Advantages of Employee Concierge Services-

Simplifying life

Work-Life Balance

Talent Attraction

Talent Retention

Increased Productivity

Increased Engagement

How Can a Company Implement It?

By using the methods mentioned above, a company builds trust and loyalty. It recognizes where it is due and a better way to encourage the people in the right direction. Creating this kind of workplace is the duty of Virtual HR and human resource policies. Awards to those employees who are performing involving the family, celebrations, and banquets for successes, birthday celebrations, and festival bonuses are ways HR teams give immediate gratification to the workforce and give them a sense of unity.

The office is where an employee spends the most amount of his time in a day. Let them see the bigger picture and compliment them for every target, be it major or minor. Encouragement innovation, creativity, and vision is yet another way of ensuring involvement at work.

When the Human Resources consulting and department organizes training, team-building exercises, team outings, and trips, it guarantees that the team enjoys working and playing. It makes the environment at work vibrant, cohesive and productive, and happy.

In the end, we can say that the employee concierge services would become a must-have for every company shortly. We at Concat can help you find the right concierge partners. We are always here for you- Your One Stop Solution for All Business Needs.