The most successful entrepreneur Bill Gates says “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learnings.” We believe that customer success is a new approach and strategy targeting bringing supreme value to the customers.

Customer Success

Customer success is the process of anticipating the challenges, and questions of the customer and proactively providing solutions to those. Customer success helps a company to boost customer happiness and retention, which in return increases revenue and profits.

Customer success is crucial for all organizations that have customers. Businesses need to find customers (i.e. generate revenue). Once they find a customer, it’s in their best interest to keep them because it’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one.

At Conc@t, we help our customers to connect with the best business process outsourcing services consultants who will then set up a customer success plan. Some customer success services are as follows:

  1.  Virtual Customer Success Officer (VCSO)

    The VCSO builds and manages customer engagement specialists to maximize the business value of products & services, leading to world-class levels of retention, customer satisfaction, and growth. Having a VCSO helps a business caters to clients all over the world, and also it helps in saving costs.

    The VCSO will drive multifaceted discussions, action plans, and escalations, both internally, and externally, to help steer organizational objectives of customer excellence, and superior decision making.

    The VCSO will function as your extended customer service specialist, and team to help build strategy, policy, and processes, and execution plan covering the entire customer life cycle management across all customer touchpoints.

  2. Call Center Setup & Operations Management

    Our Call center set-up team helps you decide the setup and call center strategy (on-site call center, virtual call centers, outbound call centers, inbound call centers) according to your industry-specific best fit structure.

    Further, our specialist consultants and Service Providers help you to find the optimal cost location, relevant paperwork, need-based team hiring, training programs, and using the best-fit tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool; Business calling setup consisting of simple/ IP based Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Virtual Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP); Talent management and performance management system to drive efficiency and best in class service.

    We go the extra mile in providing an all-inclusive and flexible contact center tool to help transform the phone-based call center into a new-age multi-tenant and interaction hub addressing omnichannel access facility i.e., IVR & calls, chatbot, SMS, what’s app, emails, digital marketing services, and social media platform.

  3. Customer Life Cycle Management

    Customer lifecycle refers to the different stages a customer goes through before, during, and after completing a sale. Further, it covers the entire lifecycle from the time customer gets onboarded and continues till the customers’ complete journey. Conc@t works with businesses to analyze the customers’ requirements and behavior, determine the strategy on customer acquisition, up/ cross-sell and retention, and further to determine the best means to connect with the customers i.e., personal account, social media, direct marketing, trade & channels.

    This activity aims to enhance the customer experience, strategize and implement transformational programs, customer value chain improvement through data analytics, optimizing customer reward & recognition and loyalty programs, and eventually improving customer retentivity.

  4.  Collection Process

    CONC@T helps tackle one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses i.e., to manage their collections both in B2B and B2C set-ups. The major area impacting adverse cash flow is collections & account receivables. The business credit period increase leads to recovery delays and an increase in disputes.

    Our esteemed list of service providers includes respected and highly organized collection & recovery agencies offering services from demand letters through to court collection helping to move your debtor to settle the account promptly. We offer debt recovery services, bailiff services, credit reports, and much more. Let’s collaborate to convert bad debts into margins.

  5.  CRM Development, Customization & Implementation

    A best-in-class CRM software is critical to managing customer communications, data gathering, and deep analytics. It manages the life cycle of the customer by managing, promoting, and informing customers about upcoming payments or offers. A good CRM tool accumulates data across all customer communication touchpoints.

    Our comprehensive CRM services include implementing CRM, upgrading existing CRM set-ups, or other cloud-based services. We help increase sales conversions, customer satisfaction leading to higher revenues, productivity through our customized CRM offerings. Eventually, you get to spend quality time on your core technical expertise leaving all customer-related worries on us.

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