Company Secretary/Corporate Law Services

Company secretary/corporate law services have immense importance in the current corporate world like any critical pillar department. Corporate law services ensure the legal existence of any corporate entity and ensure that the Corporates are safeguarded & mitigated against all possible Litigation & Compliance risks. 

From the very day of its inception, any Corporate (Private/Public/LLP) would be required to comply with various corporate laws on a timely basis regardless of its commencement of operation. Accordingly, our Secretarial services professionals support all types of compliances required under the Company Law and all other applicable laws for the respective Industry.

We have an enthusiastic team comprising of Company Secretaries (CS), Chartered Accountants (CA), and Law professionals, with rich participative industrial exposure on advising clients across corporate, in legal & secretarial statutory compliances and documentation. 

With the business-oriented approach and rich experience across different sectors, our team is well equipped to provide seamless advisory and compliance solutions for all your corporate secretarial & legal matters. We endeavor to make you focus on the growth of your business while Concators take care of all legal and secretarial needs of your business entity. We connect you with top corporate law services and company secretary services pr

Virtual Legal Officer (VLO)

With the changing times and the new social distancing norms, you may need people who could provide you with complete solutions to legal matters. You may either want them as an exclusive legal officer for your Company while not in your roles, or you may need them outsourced to us completely while dedicating your attention to other business needs. 

Here comes a Virtual Legal Officer ( VLO) who not only caters to all your timely virtual legal services needs/requirements with the full backing of the Concators Leadership Team. We have professional veterans who have had experience handling multiple clients and can handle all your legal affairs (corporate law services, Litigation, IPR, etc.) and provide timely, sound advice based on their past experiences and all within your budget. Virtual legal services enable you to achieve expert services at just a fraction of the actual cost. 

Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO)

All Companies (LLP, Private, Public, or OPC) registered under the Companies Act 2013 needs to comply with all the statutory compliances prescribed under the Companies Act and other laws applicable to the Industry/sector promptly without attracting fines & penalties. At Concat, we provide a Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO) and Company Secretary Services, being a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, who shall ensure all the responsibilities of timely Compliance while performing as Company secretary services but also seeds in good corporate governance practice in the culture of the organization. 

Be it holding Board/Committee/Shareholders meetings or timely intimation of the new statute in place, and the possible implication of non-compliance VCO will be handling it virtually rather than being there on the site/role, which helps the Company in saving considerable costs, under the able leadership of Concators Leadership Team. The VCO shall help you guide through all the changes and challenges, eventually easing your managerial burden and allowing you to focus on operating your business in a fully complied way.

Business Setup and Registrations

As a new Entrepreneur, it is often not very clear what form of business entity needs to be set up to foster their entrepreneurship skills. Should one form a Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership/LLP/ Private Ltd Company/OPC etc.? CONCAT is there to help identify/Analyse/ support/ form and register all necessary to ensure the correct business entity. All such aligned licenses and permissions are required simultaneously for businesses to operate. CONCAT helps you with all required documentation and other support for the smooth registration of your business as per the government rules and regulations.

Contract Management

At Concat, we draft, analyze, vet, negotiate and manage all types of Contracts through our experienced startup consultants in Delhi. Contract Management is the process of managing the contract’s execution, performance, deadlines, modification, terms & conditions, and termination of the contracts with complete customer satisfaction. Concat connects you to the best in-house & external legal professionals/ consultants to manage your contract life cycle so that you can focus on your business and other important matters concerning you the most. 

At Concat, we also recommend & suggest the best Contract Lifecycle Management Tool ( CLMT) best ( Software tool) suited for your business needs and ensure you get the best deal. At the same time, we take the entire onus of responsibility for the software tool. CLMT provides a centralized contract repository vital for staying organized while managing hundreds/thousands of contracts.  

Due Diligence

Are you looking for expansion of your Company with the proposed acquisition of another enterprise? Are you planning to tie up or collaborate with another enterprise? Here comes team Concat for your need and service. Our team of experts provides Legal Due Diligence on any business entity from its inception till the current date or any period/s as needed by the Client. 

The investigation includes verifying all statutory records/litigation/contractual obligations/ industry compliance status, including audit of investment & stock and review of all financial records, etc.

Merger, Amalgamation & Restructuring

Companies are eager to merge/amalgamate in today’s corporate world to increase their Economic value/Scale-up up up Business/ eliminate competition/increase shareholders, and, most importantly, tax savings. At Concat, we provide you with an end-to-end solution through our team of experts with considerable experience handling matters of amalgamation & merger to ensure all legal & tax requirements are timely met & completed.  


To attract & retain the best talent, Companies have often resulted in Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs). At Concat, we provide you with a complete solution for Employee Stock Option Plan ( ESOPS), incorporating all requirements under various statutes best suited for any corporate to incentivize and retain their critical employees while ensuring increased productivity and growth. Furthermore, our business expansion consultant shall guide you & implement the ESOP as per your need and assist, recommend & negotiate for you the best ESOP software product available in the market for timely & hassle-free implementation. 

India Entry Strategy & Foreign Entity Management

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. With international investors looking to invest/set up their businesses in India, India provides a conducive atmosphere for any business opportunity. Concat is the right destination to reach out for any assistance to clarify potential compliance risks associated with India entry viz. accounting guidelines, taxation, statutory and regulatory environment.

At CONCAT, we help comprehend the process and the country’s governing laws and get all necessary, timely approvals for incorporation & commencement of operations smoothly.

Enterprise Legal Compliance Management Tools

Choosing a robust Enterprise Compliance Management Tool ( ECMT) is not easy. It is complicated and expensive, and most importantly, it should cover the entire corporate law services for the applicable Industry but should have a strong back-end team to support the frequent updates & changes under the various laws through promulgation, notification & legislation. 

At Concat, we have already co-partnered with reliant & tested Companies/firms specializing in Enterprise Compliance Tool Management System and have run successfully at various companies. Technology companies provide multiple platforms ECMT covering all statutory laws/ litigation management/contract management/intellectual property rights portfolio management. Our team of business consulting firms guide, analyze the requirement & needs of the Company, and ensure timely implementation, and assurances & backup from our team on any delay.

IPO Readiness

Listing of Equity shares is an essential milestone in any corporate’s history. A successful initial public offering (IPO) involves intensive planning and effort before and after the IPO date. IPO readiness is the first step in the IPO journey and is designed to guide companies through a successful transformation from private to public. 

At Concat, we carry out IPO readiness assessments to help you identify the most critical changes you will have to make throughout the business, organization, and corporate culture. In addition, we will guide you through the issues you might face in the process while dealing with SEBI, stock exchanges, and other regulatory bodies and their compliances. 

Concat Team of professionals shall review, recommend measures, and assist in making all documents in place to ensure that your Company is listed and prepare you with the applicable compliances on life as a public company.   

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