Chartered Accountant Services

With the assistance of top chartered accountants in India, you can get the best online accounting services. Concat is a one-stop-shop for online accounting and taxation services in India.

The Complete Guide to Chartered Accounting Services and Why You Need One

What is the Role of Chartered Accountant Services in India?

Chartered accountant services are essential for entrepreneurs in India. They supply a 360-degree view of the business, which is essential for getting insights on income tax estimations, investment requirements, business finances, and other financial data.

Different chartered accountants will help businesses; some focus on taxation or advisory services, while others offer start-up assistance to new entrepreneurs.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered accountants play a valuable role in assisting business organizations to utilize resources effectively, increase their efficiency, and achieve their goals and objectives. As management consultants. Chartered Accountants consulting services are as under:

  • Developing management data system.
  • Designing budgetary and control systems.
  • Defining procedures of the effective utilization of capital.
  • Installing a price accounting.
  • Assisting the management within the efficient use of capital as an aid to enhance productivity
  • Recommending management on principles of organization and approaches for effective allocation and planning of labor.
  • Rendering information on international taxation matters, foreign associations, joint ventures, double taxation agreements, etc.
  • Reviewing procedures and equipment for operational control.
  • Review of monetary planning and policies for effective utilization of resources.
  • Understanding secretarial services and assisting with Corporate Law matters.
  • Directing management on mergers, reforms, takeovers, and expansion schemes.
  • Assist in preparing feasibility studies of the latest projects and expansion schemes.
  • Advise on the system analysis and style, including a variety of diligence and development of software and feasibility of incorporating computer applications for accounting and commercial activities.
  • Supporting to find solutions for specific business problems like product mix results, pricing decisions, representation to Government on various matters, etc. 
  • Appraisal of personnel policies and practices.
  • Assist with selecting executive personnel within production, marketing, accounts, processing, personnel, general administration, etc.
  • Acting as advisor or consultant to a problem, including drafting prospectus and memorandum containing salient features of the prospectus, preparing publicity budget, secretarial services, etc.
  • Acting investment counselor in respect of securities.
  • Acting as registrar to a problem and for transfer of shares/other securities.

Where do I Find the Best-chartered Accountants?


There are various charted accountant firms in all major cities. You can try and find it using google by using the terms like- “chartered accountant services in Delhi chartered accountant services in Bangalore, Chartered accountant services. Hyderabad chartered accountant services near me etc.” You can also ask your friends and family to give you a reference for a chartered accountant firm. 

The CONC@T Way-

The above seems to be the process that most people use; we at CONCAT can help you get the best-chartered accountant services on our platform. You can get the services per your requirement like- “chartered accountant services under GST chartered accountant services under service tax etc.” We help you in getting the solution for your exact problem. You can search using the keywords on our platform, and we make sure you get the correct results. 

CONCAT also offers a customer the option of a consultative approach. The customer can take the help of a subject matter expert, and he will help them get the correct service provider.

What Features to Look at While Choosing a CA Services Provider?

When choosing a CA firm, the customer needs to consider the following things.

  1. Look for qualified personnel in the company
  2. Team size of the company
  3. Knowledge of the relative field that you want help in.
  4. What is the professional fee that they are charging? Is it in your budget or not?
  5. Do they offer outsourced accounting services online or not?
  6. Specialization in all functions- tax, indirect tax, etc.

We at CONCAT helps our customer in identifying the correct partner and make sure that the work done is at par. With the help of our consultants, customers can easily hire a CA firm and focus on their core.

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