Call Center Setup

Whether small, medium-sized, or large, any company requires a call centre set up for customer service or lead generation and collection & recovery agencies. It’s easy to set up a call centre. Everything you’ll need is a headset, a reliable internet connection, and a desktop or laptop computer.

The thought of a call centre setup might seem overwhelming for the uninitiated, but it is a necessary practice for your business growth. An impressive sixty-six per cent of respondents still use their phones for seeking customer support, making it the most common channel among all age groups. That’s one of the reasons why call centres are still so important in creating a positive client experience.

Over the years, after working with numerous high-profile clients, Concators observed that the customers expect call centre operators to be knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. Therefore, to foster client connections, your call centre must maintain a high level of customer care at all times.

However, establishing one’s call centre is a significant undertaking that demands meticulous planning and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here is where expert call centre setup consultants like Concators come to your rescue.

Who Are We?

Concators is a central B2B marketplace for cross-functional business consulting firms, consulting, and execution needs. We understand business and create custom solutions by combining proper strategy, executing partners, and technology while staying within a budget and a deadline. In addition, we control the entire delivery process, eliminating risk and liability while ensuring efficient and on-time delivery.

We guarantee transparency, trust, and devotion when you choose to work with us. We ensure that our clients get access to state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive support through our platform. Moreover, our experienced team members help you understand how the call centre setup process works.

How Can We Help?

The first step is to figure out why you need a new contact centre, with a particular focus on your goals and objectives. It’s also a good idea to consider the channels your clients use and where you need to be to meet their needs. Our qualified professionals help you assess your business scenario and help you get the most out of your opportunities.

If you intend to relocate from your current location, establishing a new contact centre might also be an opportunity to rethink your business strategy. Revaluating any offshore or outsourcing contracts might be of help.

Building your call centre is a significant undertaking that demands meticulous preparation, and it’s easy to get sidetracked along the way. You must also choose the size of a contact centre for your company to be successful. Then, you can base all your technology, recruitment, and office space depending on your needs.

Guessing how many staff you will need may leave you with a 50-seat office or paying for a much larger space that you do not need – both of these scenarios could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Whereas, working with Concators will help you get the best professional service members and top-notch call centre facilities without breaking your company’s bank account.

Why Do Companies Need to Set Up a Call Center?

Firstly, one or more company objective is needed to design a call centre. So you must make sure you know those objectives before you start. For example, if your company’s goal is to boost secretarial services and retention, implement call centre technology.

Your specific business requirements will determine your primary objective.

If you manage a small business or a start-up, one of your primary goals might be to enhance lead generation, attract new consumers, or simplify payment and order processing.

If you’re in charge of a larger company, perhaps your primary goal should improve client happiness and overall support.


Inbound Client Inquiries Are Steadily Increasing?

Do you need qualified customer service agents to manage all your calls? If your answer is yes to this question, we strongly advise you to invest in a call centre management team to ensure that the process runs smoothly and manages meticulously. Your current system will most likely be insufficient to handle the increased call volume, but a professional call centre solution will undoubtedly be of great help!

Is Your Customer Service Department Becoming Overburdened?

Determine whether your company’s operations need the infrastructure of a call centre. For example, if you see a rise in call abandonment, low customer engagement, and a shattered customer experience, you’ll require a call centre setup.

Are You Having Trouble Generating Leads for Your Company?

Inbound marketing has proven to be difficult for many new firms to get leads. Manually contacting prospects via phone calls and emails is ineffective and labour-intensive. Hiring an external call centre team is a good idea in such cases. Outbound call centre teams allow you to mass dial prospects in a tailored manner, advertising and pr services, enhancing lead creation.

Getting Access to Professional Call Center Software

Telemarketing or telesales representatives make calls for sales, appointments, and other marketing purposes to promote products and services. Therefore, your call centre should have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and call recording capability if call volume increases.

Telemarketing necessitates the use of an outbound dialling system, such as a “Predictive Dialer” or “Auto Dialer,” which dials numbers from a list automatically. Depending on the amount of the data, you can store this list in an excel sheet or a CRM.

Through sophisticated features like CRM integration, call recording, real-time monitoring, and real-time business analytics, predictive dialling-based call centre software boosts productive interactions, improves agent efficiency, and augments sales. But if you don’t have a call centre set up already, things might get expensive. An external team will already have the required technological infrastructure and place your company can leverage in that scenario.

Concators can help you connect with the leading offshore contact centre teams to enhance your business strategy, corporate law services and boost your business growth.

Advantages of Remote Call Center Setups

There are several advantages to establishing a call centre with remote workers, including expanding your recruitment pool, minimizing business costs, and having more resource planning flexibility. Moreover, when you work with an expert call centre establishment, the following benefits add up to the list:

Enhanced data security

Reliable cloud provider

Custom on-premise solution

Multilingual team players

Budget-Friendly Solutions

At Concators, we ensure that our clients access the best-in-class technology and workforce solutions without draining a lot of money. As a result, call centre setup cost in India is much lower than in any other country, and the volume of qualified human resources available is impressive.

Let Us Assist You

A call centre must work very effectively because everything happens in real-time, and there is not much time to think about a response. Customers have higher expectations for phone assistance than any other channel, with almost half of them expecting a response in less than five minutes.

So you need only the best solutions to serve your customers adequately to enhance your brand positioning and value. At Concators, we help you achieve your business goals by fulfilling your professional requirements.

For any assistance you need, feel free to contact us. We can help you develop an industry-grade call centre setup proposal and also assist you in getting access to the right call centre solutions provider you have been seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Set up a Call Center Business?

To set up a successful and organized call- centre, you need to adhere to these steps that have been compiled: –

Step 1: – Specify the kind of call centre you’ll be dealing in. Specifying it means choosing the type of call centre you want to build your business in since there is more than one type of call centre. It can be of various types: –

Inbound call centre 

Outbound call centre

Domestic call centre 

Automate call centre etc.

Step 2: Develop the route/plan about how the customers can get in touch with the agents

The next step is crucial since it specifies how your customers are going to contact the agents.

Determine the need for an IVR: IVR stands for interactive voice response system. It would help if you decided on whether the customers will connect directly or use an IVR system. For example, will you be using just a welcome message, or will you offer a menu of choices? Further, if choosing a menu of choices, what will you add to it? 

Including self-service: Decide if you want some customers routed to self-service through IVR to handle basic inquiries, etc.

Specifying after-office hours or shifts: Using voicemails

post-office-hours and have alerts sent to email id/s you specify.

Step 3: Create Agent IDs

Creating agent IDs will be the next step in setting up a call- centre. The agent IDs can be created with name/nickname/email ID or alphanumeric employee ID. If you have a CRM, agent IDs can be saved after them as well.

Step 4: Specify Skill Groups

Call centre software can connect calls to different Skill Groups. You can specify groups to consist of one or more agents based on the business size. For example, a skill group can be of queries, operational problems, etc., based on employee knowledge and permissions.

Step 5: specify your ACD Logic.

ACD is an Automated Call distribution that distributes the calls between agents efficiently, thus keeping call queues short. A SAAS or cloud-based contact centre means that these agents can be located anywhere. Keep in mind the following factors before specifying your ACD

Decide Dynamic Real-Time Queue Reprioritization:

Define Sticky Agents:

Select the Distribution system:

Step 6: Explain the data format for your dialers

This step is specified particularly for outbound calling, for setting up your dialers. In this step, the data format is explained to the dialer. The dialer is then aware of finding the phone numbers to dial from within your contact lists/database.

Step 7: Decide how to collect feedback

customer satisfaction is the most critical aspect of the business, and the next step measures customer engagement through a CSAT survey. Finally, you can close all calls with a quick CSAT survey.

What is the Most Important Thing in the Call Center?

Customer engagement is the most critical aspect of the call- centre. Adhering to the customer’s needs and grievances is the most critical job of any call centre.

What are the Types of Call Centers?

There are different types of call centres.

Based on their functioning, the call centres can be of different types, which can be defined as follows.

Inbound call centres – Inbound call centres are set up to receive calls from the common public, for example, customer service call centres. Company executives attend to customer queries and complaints.

Outbound call centres – Outbound call centre executives make calls to contact potential customers in a bid to do telemarketing. These are sometimes cold calls as well. It is done for sales purposes or providing information regarding earlier complaints etc.

Domestic call centres – These call centres operate only within the boundaries of a country, answering customers’ queries within a particular country. 

International call centres – The clients of these call centres are multinational companies. Therefore, the executives in such a call centre make and receive customer calls in different countries. 

What is Inbound Call and Outbound Call?

A call centre executive makes an outbound call to a client on behalf of a call centre or client. Outbound calls are generally for prospective customers and focus on sales, lead generation, fundraising, etc. These calls are also for existing customers to inform them about the latest updates.

The customer makes an inbound call to the call centre. The call centre executives adhere to customer queries and complaints from these calls and other customer grievances.

How do You Manage a Call Center?

To maintain an efficient working call centre, follow these measures: –

Acquire an Efficient staff/employees

Call centres need a particular group of people. Apart from the technical skills, you want to go for a genuine passion for customer service.

Indulge in Comprehensive Training and Onboarding

Indulging in training and onboarding practices, you make the agents of your call centre fierce in what they do. They get prepared to handle whatsoever kind of situation and at the same time communicate the company’s standards and values. Cultivate a coaching culture between the employees by providing them with an environment wherein they can learn and grow through different opportunities.

Create a Communicative Environment

To run a smooth and organized call centre, make sure your communication lines are always open so that agents and executives can come with their problems and queries to you at any time and an immediate action plan is taken for the grievances. Indulge in one-on-one meetings with your employees regularly to attend to possible improvements and suggestions

Apply Proper Scheduling

Working in a call centre can be traumatic, hampering an agent’s productivity. In small scale call centres, this creates an even bigger problem since agents usually extend hours to accommodate their workload at these call centres, which automatically compromises the quality of the workload.

The solution to this problem is proper scheduling. Proper scheduling makes sure that your agents get enough time to recharge, so they don’t feel overworked. 

Emphasize on Data to Make Sound Decisions

Any wise and successful companies understand and emphasize the importance of data. In the context of customer service, data provides a better understanding of your customers and their behaviours to the call centre.

Net promoter score, average handling time, first call resolution rate, etc., are just some of the essential tools that allow a call centre manager to attain insight into operations and make critically important decisions.

Apply Call Monitoring Tools

Monitoring the call identifies any cracks in the way agents handle calls; depending on which the call centre can provide suggestions and improvement areas to its agents and executives to ensure a more efficient working from the employees and hence the organization for its customers.

Emphasize on Customer Feedbacks

Typically, all organizations are and should be customer-centric, but the call centre is one such organization that is alive and breathing because of its customer-centric approach. A call- centre is about the customer and their needs from beginning to end. Successful call centres understand their customers. Customer feedback provides a way for you to hear and understand the voice of the customer. Any review or opinion from the customer you get should be taken into account seriously, and further necessary adjustments should be made to improve customer experiences and make them stay.

Invest in Technology

As we all know how dominating role technology plays in the success of any organization, and the call centre is no exception; it is pivotal for you to be up to date with the latest technological advancements for the call centre to reach its full potential. Apply latest contact centre software, a feature like a call monitoring, IVR, etc. In your call centre to make it a smooth operation.