Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider. The services can include payroll, accounting, telemarketing, data recording, social media marketing, management consulting firms, customer support, and more.

Business Process Outsourcing Services; The Lifejacket You Never Knew You Needed



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  • What Is A Business Process Outsourcing Service?
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services In India
  • List Of Business Process Outsourcing Services Companies In India
  • Business Process Outsourcing Service Management


Business Process Outsourcing Services


Gone are those days when the conventional setup, techniques, operations, and business processes were the one sole business bible to lead you and your company/business towards uncontested success. Newsflash: the world has grown up, and with it the corporate sector and not to make it scarier for you, but it has grown profusely as well. So naturally, keeping up with the mental hospital out there might be a little intimidating if not too much but don’t worry, we got you; with the help of this blog and with a bit of progression, you’ll be an expert and will be making all the smart decisions in no time because there is a famous saying that goes around out there; “where there is a will there is a way.” 

The traditional ways of the business have done more bad than good by being unviable, mediocre, inefficacious, faulty, and not to forget vexatious for any businessman. So how can we put an end to the misery of the businessman? One simple yet profound way could be introducing business process outsourcing services (BPO) to your business squad. And I assure you, its job is opposite as to the complex nature of its name, but you must be thinking, what are business process outsourcing services (BPO) and what is so promising about it? 

So, let’s clear up the confusion, shall we? Essentially, Business process outsourcing (BPO) is finding and hiring a group of proficient professionals who will look after various business affairs yet keep jurisdiction over the final decision. So, you get experts working their expertise over their fortes and still getting the final say over the matters of your business all wrapped up under cost-efficient pricing; all so you can provide your expertise over your forte, which is the core strengthening, future planning, and other salient matters which are primary for the health and wealth of the business. Charming, right? The business has never been this easy and comforting before.


Business Process Outsourcing Services In India


There can be copious services under the large umbrella of BPO services that manages the peripheral business affairs of the organization. Organizations engage in business process outsourcing for two main areas of work: back-office functions and front-office functions. Back-office functions can be defined as an internal facet of the business; more of behind-the-scene operations, for example: – payment processing, HR shared services, information technology services, etc., front-office functions as the name suggests involves the front-facing functions and services, for example, customer relation services. Some of the services have been described below in-depth: –


Human Resource Services


BPO services handle the recruitment of the necessary staff members to oversee all their functions.


Customer Relation Services


Routing calls to a call center or help desk tickets to a 24/7 support team. Their priority is to meet the customer’s demands and tend to their grievances if any.


Accounting And Payment Processing


This service covers managing the company’s fiscal affairs in a streamlined manner.


Data Management Services


BPO services administer the data management services as well. This is because they have the right people who perform the function of keeping a record of all the business data. 


Social Media Services


The breadth of BPO functions spans from the conventional back- and front-office functions listed above to digital services, such as social media marketing which feeds the growth and marketing hunger of the business.


Data Processing Services


Data processing is when raw data is acquired and translated into digital content that can be stored, read, and edited by electronic devices and machines.

These are just a few facilities of the many facilities provided by business process outsourcing services.


Business Process Outsourcing Companies In India


Quite evidently, to provide a lot, you have to be a lot. Indulgence of business process services in your company is like having a business inside a business that automatically brings the weight to the responsibility of handling such salient matters, therefore, arising the need to acquire the best of the best to do the job. So, a list of such prominent BPO service companies has been compiled below: –


Navigant India


Navigant India was incorporated in 2004 in Trivandrum to provide high-quality, cost-effective brand promotion services to its customer.


Assistant BPM Pvt Ltd


A provider of quality BPM services includes insurance eligibility verifications, bookkeeping, data processing, virtual assistants, and reader board support services.


Eureka Outsourcing Solutions


A provider of integrated, end-to-end solutions through its diverse business portfolio comprising a mix of BPM and KPO services.


Hinduja Global Solutions


A full suite of business process management services provider from marketing, digital enablement services, and consumer interaction services to back-office business services.


TEG Hamilton


Considered the epicenter of the international BPM industry, India is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a global economic superpower.


Business Process Outsourcing Service Management


When the BPO companies were introduced, they had a promising future. At the very least, things, however, have changed dramatically over the last few years. Businesses nowadays are not satisfied with mere cost savings. Instead, they expect outsourcing firms to deliver much more, focusing increasingly on maximizing customer satisfaction. 

In this context, to match the expectations of a more than ever demanding customer base, the BPO service firms need to outdo themselves in the cutthroat competitive world now more than ever. The aim of every contact center in the BPO industry is to show that they can provide service and business that can meet global standards in terms of quality. Now the question arises as to how the BPO service companies can achieve that? Well, the answer to that could be the points mentioned below: –


Consistent Assessment of Staff’s Performance


By regular monitoring of the staff’s performance, the company can keep track as to who is performing how and they can take all the crucial steps required of them to rectify the situation if some of the employees are struggling with their performances and also promote a competitive environment through incentives and perks to bring out the best work of employees and resultantly bringing the best of the company.


Regularly Switching To The Latest Techniques And Concepts


Increasing reliance on newer, more efficient, and more cost-effective customer management concepts enables finance and accounting outsourcing services to achieve the desired level of cost and operational efficiencies.


Recruiting A Competent Workforce To The Team


Recruiting and then training the sharks of the corporal world who are going to be cutthroat out there in the competitive world will automatically increase the company’s productivity and goodwill for the better.


Adhere To Customer Grievances More Efficiently


The customer is the god in the market. This is not just a saying but an unignorant fact; the happier you keep them, the happier you will get. So regardless of scale and type, the secret to any business is prioritizing the customer. Attending to the customers’ grievances, feedback, complaints, and demands will make them feel heard, and that is all anybody wants.

Following these guidelines and suggestions and other minor aspects will enhance and boost the life of the BPO companies by a long shot.